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At CIBC Wood Gundy, we believe there is no better investment than the time we spend getting to know our clients. Understanding your personal and financial goals helps us create a wealth management plan that incorporates all aspects of your life and puts your wealth to work for you—today and in the future.


With over 1,000 Investment Advisors in more than 80 locations across the country, we are committed to building relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity, and will work with you to find the investment solutions that meet your unique needs. Our complete array of financial products and services, built upon the unified strengths of the CIBC group of companies, provides the foundation that helps us make clients the focus of everything we do.

Generations of Canadians have relied on the expertise of CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors to manage their financial future, and today, we continue to provide Canadians with expert advice and exceptional service.

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CIBC Wood Gundy Login



Discover The Financial Portrait That Captures The Real You. Your wealth and your aspirations are unique and command a personalized approach.


As you progress through life, proper planning can help ensure you’re in a good position to meet the needs of yourself and your family. Learn more.


Are you dreaming of a white picket fence or is it an urban condo that suits your lifestyle? No matter what your idea of “home” is, all future homebuyers are faced with the common challenge of saving for that big purchase.


You could take an ad hoc approach – making decisions on the fly – but having a plan is more effective for achieving your goals.


As a CIBC Wood Gundy client, you will have access to comprehensive analyst reports covering a broad range of Canadian, U.S. and international investment products.


A Tradition Of Trust, Excellent Service and Expertise

The Wood Gundy partnership opened its doors for business in Toronto on February 1, 1905, specializing in underwriting and distributing municipal and provincial bonds. Its young founders, George Herbert Wood and James Henry Gundy, envisioned a financial services firm built on innovation, integrity and solid client relationships—values that the firm maintains today.

At a time when Canada was a country of savers, not investors, and financial management was largely restricted to corporations and the very wealthy, Wood and Gundy emerged as pioneers in the investment industry. The firm took an active role in the organization of Victory Loans during World War I and helped place war bonds in the hands of over one million Canadians.

With the rapid economic growth following the Second World War came increasing demand for sophisticated financial management expertise. Wood Gundy established itself as one of Canada’s premier investment firms, financing new Canadian projects and providing investment advice to individual investors across the country.

Acquired by CIBC in 1988, what is now known as CIBC Wood Gundy has created a legacy of helping generations of Canadians meet their financial goals.

Today, CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors across Canada continue to uphold the standards first envisioned by George Wood and James Gundy over a century ago to ensure our name remains synonymous with trust, excellent service and investment expertise.

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