Chase Privileges Debit Card | J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Chase Privileges Debit Card | J.P. Morgan Private Bank

The Chase Privileges Debit Card from J.P. Morgan allows you to authorize controlled access to funds in your J.P. Morgan checking account. 

With this card, individuals you designate can make debit card purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted or withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. It’s a convenient way to manage allowances for family members, household staff, or other authorized users. Plus, there are no annual or monthly service fees, out-of-network ATM fees, or foreign exchange fees. If you’d like more information, feel free to speak to your J.P. Morgan team

Simplify the management of household and other daily expenses.

The Chase Privileges Debit card allows individuals you authorize to have controlled access to funds in your J.P. Morgan checking account, allowing them to make debit card purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted or to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. The cards can be given to family members as an easy way to manage an allowance.

It can also be given to household staff or other employees whose duties require having access to petty cash and/or making purchases on behalf of you or your family. Each card bears the name of the individual; however, monthly spending and withdrawal limits are set and controlled by you.

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There is no limit to the number of cards you can authorize. On your monthly statements, transactions of each cardholder will be tracked separately. Or, if you prefer, the card can be linked to a separate checking account set up solely for this purpose. The cardholder(s) you designate do not have access to your account information.

There are no fees or costs associated with setting up a Chase Privileges Debit Card:

• No annual or monthly service fees

• No out-of-network ATM fees

• No foreign exchange fees

Furthermore, it’s easy to arrange. Simply ask your service team to add the card to your account. Or, set up a separate account.

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“We use the Privileges card to help our teenage children manage their allowances each month.” For this client, the card is an effective money management tool for 14-year-old twins. “If they spend all their money at the beginning of the month, they know they won’t have lunch money by month-end.” The card also helps him address safety concerns in a way that effectively bridges the generation gap. “This is safer than carrying a lot of cash or making withdrawals at an ATM—although the card lets them do that,” he says. “And cash isn’t that important to kids their age. They can do what they want with a debit card.”


• Allow debit purchases and/or ATM access

• Set monthly limits: up to $50,000 for purchases and $10,000 for ATM access

• Have authorized user’s name embossed on the card

• Authorize cards for any number of individuals


• Review spending/transactions at any time, using J.P. Morgan OnlineSM

• Monitor account activity with statements organized according to each authorized user

• Call your service team to:

– Get intra-month card balances
– Change spending/withdrawal limits


• Funds can be debited directly from your checking account; or from a separate checking account set up to cover Chase Privileges Debit Cards for one or more designated individuals

• The card is Chase branded; users are not required to be J.P. Morgan clients

• Authorized cardholders do not have access to:

– Your account information

– “Available balance” information on their own card


• As the account owner, you activate the card, set the PIN

• Stop access to funds at any time by calling your service team

• Safe alternative to cash; can be used:

– Anywhere Visa® cards are accepted

– At millions of ATMs worldwide

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