Activate Card Online : CFNA Activate Card Login Activate Card Online : CFNA Activate Card Login

To activate your CFNA Credit Cards, login into and enter the card details on the page.  Log in to your CFNA account to view participating automotive retailers near you. 

Enjoy our promotional financing on purchases $149 and up at participating automotive retailers. Log in to your CFNA account to view participating retailers near you.

If you do not have an account on, please create your online account now. Once created, you can view statements, make payments, and much more.

CFNA Activate Card Login :

If your CFNA Credit Card is 16 digits, you will need to activate your credit card to start using it. CFNA 9-digit credit cards do not require activation.

1. Visit the page

2. Enter the 16-Digit Card Number.

3. Then enter the 3-Digit Security Code.

4. Now enter the Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number.

5. Finally click on “Activate My Card” button and your card will be activated.

Article NameCFNA Activate Card Login
CFNA Card Login
Customer Service Number800.321.3950
Activate your CFNA cardClick Here

How do I log in to my account?

Log in here.

Logging in requires three steps.

  1. Enter your User Name and click Log In. 
  2. Confirm your Log In Key image and phrase to ensure you are on the authentic site.
  3. Enter your Password and click Log In. Do not enter your Password if you do not recognize your Log in Key, and please contact us immediately. 

Before gaining access to your CFNA account, you will be asked to choose a Log In Key. Additionally, a security question will be prompted if you attempt login from an unrecognised device.

What is a Log In Key?

The CFNA Log In Key is an extra layer of identity verification before you can access your account. When you see your CFNA Log In Key, you know you are on CFNA’s authentic website and not a fraudulent website. If you log in from an unrecognized device, you will be asked to answer a security question before you can continue logging in.

Configuring your security settings for the first time.

The first time you log in to, you will be asked to configure your security settings by:

  1. Selecting an image
  2. Creating a personal phrase
  3. Selecting three questions and entering the answers

CFNA will never send you an email to ask you to set or configure your settings or change your configuration. Every time you log in to moving forward, we display your Log In Key.

How do I open a CFNA Credit Card?

You can apply online or stop by your preferred participating automotive retail location to apply in person. If you are an existing cardholder, log in to find a location near you that accepts the CFNA card

You can Log in to your account to retrieve this information or check your statement

It takes about 7-10 business days from your application date for your credit card to arrive. If it’s been longer than 10 business days, call us at 800.321.3950 or email CF**********@CF**.com