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Viacom CBS is the owner of Comedy Central station. The station can be installed and enabled on various streaming devices like Roku Streaming Media Player (other programmes would be Apple TV, Android TV, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV). Once you get your channel, several newest and most popular exhibits are displayed.


Comedy Central has been awakened to give you access to your favourite Comedy Central shows with your device.

The American pay TV service-Viacom CBS domestic media network owns this comedy central. This channel is present as a TV Everywhere app on several devices like Amazon Fire TV, etc. As it is a TV everywhere app, it might ask the user to get a participating cable TV provider to initiate the activation

How do I sign into my device?

Step 1: Download the app from your device’s app store.

Step 2: Inside the app, select your TV service provider and get the activation code.

Step 3: Now go to your computer and visit and enter the activation code there.

Step 4: Sign in with your TV provider using your account username and password.

Step 5: Your device is now activated and ready to use. Enjoy!

  1. First of all, Comedy Central is accessible to the Roku channel store.

  2. And this will want its users to pay to a participating satellite TV provider to stream all shows.

  3. Further, the library is limited if you do not have a cable.

  4. Besides, it has episodes from South Park, Key, and Peele, Daily Show, and a lot more can be added to the list.

  5. It has 20 different shows at present, with full and on demand episodes.

  6. Make sure to subscribe to a pay TV provider and download the app from the channel store.

  7. Get the code and visit choose the cable TV service, and to activate the channel on Roku by providing the code

comedy central


Perform the instructions below to activate the Comedy Central app on Roku via

  1. First of all, install the Roku device and set it ready to get the Comedy Central app.

  2. Go to the left side of the screen and select the streaming channels option.

  3. Then, move to navigate to the Movies and TV category.

  4. And search for the Comedy Central channel.

  5. If you did not get it there, then opt for the search option.

  6. Secondly, enter the channel name in to the find bar and keep calm for the results.

  7. Select the CC app from the results and verify its the channel info.

  8. Besides, choose the Add channel option and hold OK to get the app.

  9. The channel begins to download on the Roku device.

  10. After the installation gets over, return to the Roku screen and verify the app on the added list.

  11. After that, access the app on the Roku device and receive the channel link code.

  12. Note this code and go to the activation site.

  13. In the address field bar, type and click Go.

  14. Most importantly, log in with the cable TV provider using the credentials.

  15. At last, key in the code in to the text box.

  16. Hitting the Activate option initiates to activate the channel on the Roku device.

Can I Create Account on Comedy central?

If you already have an Internet account with your TV supplier, you won’t have to make a new account. In the event you have to make an internet account, please contact with your TV supplier.

As Soon as you have activated your device, You’ll Be able to Navigate through the broad variety of movies and choose any movie you want to look at. Your movie will automatically start when you’ve created your choice.

My Activation Code not working?

If the code is not functioning or has died, click the “Regenerate Code” button to the activation code webpage to acquire a new activation code.

What if I forgot my password and username?

In case you forgot your username and password, then please contact your own TV supplier.

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