Cash Prank Maker For iPhone : Cash Prank Maker App Download

Cash Prank Maker For iPhone : Cash Prank Maker App Download

With the Cash Prank Maker app, you can create different cash app prank pictures to play around with your friends and loved ones and make it seem you sent them some money. Enjoy the app and give your feed back as it would help us make the app better.

Download Cash Prank Maker App

Cashapp Screenshot Maker helps you easily prank your friends and loved ones that you sent or received some amount by making payment screenshots that imitates the famous Cashapp from Square Inc. Spoof!!!😂😂💰💰.

This current version creates the following screenshots:

– Activity Screen.

– Received Payment Screen.

– Confirmed Sent Payment Screen

– Failed Payment Screen

– Pending Payment Screen

– Web Receipt and other Sent View Screen

Enjoy! and Happy Pranking 😁😁

Cash App Money Sent Screenshot

After sending money to a client or acquaintance, you can use this fantastic cash prank tool to create a screenshot of the payment made using the cash app. Taking a screenshot is simple; all you have to do is mark the transaction as paid in full.

1. Download the app from the Google Play store.

2. After downloading and opening the app,

3. To join, just provide your email address.

4. Fill in the amount that was transferred to them via cash app.

5. Enter the user’s Cashtag or username.

6. In the top-right corner, select Search, then hit Pay.

7. A new page will load when you specify the time of the money transfer.

8. Choose “status as completed” and then choose the date of the successful payment.