Cal Poly Finals Schedule Fall 2022 : Fall and Spring Finals Week Schedule – Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Finals Schedule Fall 2022 : Fall and Spring Finals Week Schedule – Cal Poly Pomona

This exam schedule is for lecture and seminar sections of a course. Exams for activity, laboratory, and discussion sections are held during the last regular class meeting. One-unit lecture or seminar sections will have the final exam at the last regular class meeting to avoid scheduling conflicts. This includes one-unit lectures that are a component of a multi-component course. 

  • Exams will be held in the regularly assigned classroom on the date and time indicated below. Synchronous exams will be held virtually on the date and time indicated below.
  • Lecture and Seminar sections meeting 4 or 5 days a week follow the MWF final exam time.
  • Common Final Exams may only be arranged for 2 or more sections of the same course.
  • Instructors requesting to change a final exam time must obtain approval from the Department Head/Chair and the College Dean at least 2 weeks prior to the final exam week.
  • Common Finals may be requested for the Saturday preceding Final Exam Week.
  • Request Common Final Exam
  • Lecture or seminar sections that meet in more than one lecture room during the quarter will need to contact University Scheduling at to identify the room for the final exam.

Exam Times for Asynchronous Class Sections

Faculty teaching asynchronous courses are strongly encouraged to give asynchronous final assessments. Doing so has several advantages:

  • It helps students who chose to take an asynchronous class because they have an inflexible or unpredictable work schedule.
  • It helps students who chose to take an asynchronous class because classes are in the middle of the night in their time zone.
  • It prevents time conflicts with other finals.

If a synchronous final must be given, faculty can choose to give said final on the Saturday preceding finals week using a standard final exam time block (7:10-10:00 AM, 10:10-1:00 PM, 1:10-4:00 PM, or 4:10-7:00 PM) or in one of the 7:10-10:00 PM time slots M, T, W, or R of finals week.

Students should be informed of the time and date of the final exam as soon as possible, and no later than the first day of class.

If a student has a time conflict between a final for a synchronous/in-person course and an asynchronous course, the instructor of the asynchronous course must offer the student an alternate time to take the final exam.

Monday/Wednesday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Wednesday/Friday or Monday/Friday

Or Classes Meeting 4 or 5 Days Per Week

7:10am or 7:40amFridayDec 097:10am –10:00am
8:10amMondayDec 057:10am –10:00am
9:10amWednesdayDec 077:10am –10:00am
10:10amWednesdayDec 0710:10am –1:00pm
11:10amFridayDec 0910:10am –1:00pm
12:10pmMondayDec 0510:10am –1:00pm
1:10pmWednesdayDec 071:10pm –4:00pm
2:10pmFridayDec 091:10pm –4:00pm
3:10pmMondayDec 051:10pm –4:00pm
4:10pm or 4:40pmWednesdayDec 074:10pm –7:00pm
5:10pm or 5:40pmFridayDec 094:10pm –7:00pm
6:10pm or 6:40pmMondayDec 054:10pm –7:00pm
7:10pm or 8:10pmMondayDec 057:10pm –10:00pm

Tuesday/Thursday Classes

7:10am or 7:40amTuesdayDec 067:10am –10:00am
8:10amThursdayDec 087:10am –10:00am
9:10am or 9:40amTuesdayDec 0610:10am –1:00pm
10:10amThursdayDec 0810:10am –1:00pm
12:10pmTuesdayDec 061:10pm –4:00pm
1:10pm or 1:40pmThursdayDec 081:10pm –4:00pm
2:10pmTuesdayDec 064:10pm –7:00pm
3:10pmThursdayDec 084:10pm –7:00pm
4:10pm or 4:40pmThursdayDec 087:10pm –10:00pm
5:10pm or 5:40pmThursdayDec 0810:10am –1:00pm
6:10pm or 6:40pmTuesdayDec 067:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pmTuesdayDec 067:10pm –10:00pm
8:10pmWednesdayDec 077:10pm –10:00pm

Monday Only Classes

5:10pm or 5:40pmFridayDec 094:10pm –7:00pm
6:10pmMondayDec 054:10pm –7:00pm
7:10pm or 8:10pmMondayDec 057:10pm –10:00pm

Tuesday Only Classes

5:10pm or 5:40pmThursdayDec 0810:10am –1:00pm
6:10pmTuesdayDec 067:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pmTuesdayDec 067:10pm –10:00pm

Wednesday Only Classes

5:10pm or 5:40pmWednesdayDec 077:10pm –10:00pm
6:10pmWednesdayDec 077:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pmWednesdayDec 077:10pm –10:00pm

Thursday Only Classes

5:10 or 5:40pmFridayDec 097:10pm –10:00pm
6:10pmFridayDec 097:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pmFridayDec 097:10pm –10:00pm

Common Final

A student who is unable to attend the common final due to a conflict with another course’s final shall be permitted to arrange an alternate assessment time with the instructor. This arrangement should be done as early in the term as possible.

SaturdayDec 037:10am-10:00am, 10:10am-1pm, 1:10-4:00pm, 4:10pm-7:00pm, 7:10pm-10:00pm
MondayDec 047:10pm –10:00pm
TuesdayDec 067:10pm –10:00pm
WednesdayDec 077:10pm –10:00pm
ThursdayDec 087:10pm –10:00pm

Final examination times for Lecture and Seminar classes (applicable to 2 units and above) that are scheduled during an Approved Time Module are listed on this chart. If you find that your course meeting time is not on this webpage, ask your instructor about the day and time for your exam.  

In-class final examinations shall be administered only during final exam week and only at the time published by the University.

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When a student finds that three of their final examinations coincide or occur on the same day, a student may wish to arrange with the instructor of the middle exam to pick a mutually convenient time for the exam. The instructor(s) retain the authority to permit the change of time for the examination, while it is hoped that the instructor and student can work out a mutually convenient final examination time.

Please note that these final examination schedules do not apply to Activity, Laboratory, Lecture classes that are less than 1 unit, Hybrid, Online or any other class that is not scheduled during an Approved Time Module.

Final examination for classes that are not covered by the information on this page need to be scheduled by the department by submitting a room request through 25Live.  Instructors must ensure that all students can participate in the scheduled final examination.

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