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Cabelas Mastercard Login : Cabela’s Capital One Credit Card Sign In

Cabelas Mastercard Login : Cabela’s Capital One Credit Card Sign In

To login into Cabelas Mastercard, go to the webpage and click on the Sign in button where you have to enter your username and password on the page.

Access Your Account Online with Cabela’s

CLUB Online Services connects your Cabela’s account with your Capital One account to allow you to:

    • View Balances and Available Credit
    • Access Your Online Payments
  • Check Out Current CLUB Offers.
    • Manage and Transfer CLUB Points.
    • Redeem Points for the Gear You Love.
  • NEW: View/Filter Transactions.

Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard® Members earn points that can be redeemed for FREE GEAR at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. CLUB Members also get access to exclusive member perks and discounts.

Signing on to Cabela’s CLUB credit card online account

You can access your CLUB Mastercard online account information through either or Click the CLUB link in the website header to sign in or setup online access if you haven’t already.

You can manage multiple aspects of your CLUB Mastercard account including paying your bill by connecting your CLUB card to your online shopping account on or Watch the following video for instructions on how to connect your CLUB account to your online shopping account.

CLUB Mastercard online services include:

  • Check CLUB Points balance.
  • Access your online payments.
  • View balance and available credit.
  • Use Your CLUB Points.
  • Transfer Points.
  • Access CLUB Points.
  • Manage Point Redemption Permissions.
  • Shop for the gear you love.

Or you can set up online access of your CLUB Mastercard and pay your bill through the Capital One website.

Apply for CLUB Credit Card

You can receive a CLUB Mastercard with either the Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s logo and receive the same benefits.

  • To apply for a CLUB Mastercard with the Bass Pro Shops logo, click HERE.
  • To apply for a CLUB Mastercard with the Cabela’s logo, click HERE.

If you are interested in applying for a CLUB Mastercard for your business, we can help you with that as well.

  • To apply for a CLUB Mastercard business account with Bass Pro Shops, click HERE.
  • To apply for a CLUB Mastercard business account with Cabela’s, click HERE.

CLUB cards

CLUB Mastercard Account Servicing

For any assistance regarding your CLUB Mastercard such as a lost or stolen card, credit limits, cash advances, or payment due dates please contact Capital One for assistance.

Phone Number
Bass Pro Shops CLUB cardholders1-800-300-1723
Cabela’s CLUB cardholders1-800-850-8402

How to Redeem Gift Cards

Retail/Restaurant/Resort Locations

Gift Cards: Simply give the gift card to the cashier at the retail or restaurant location to have it applied to your purchase.

  • eGift Card Retail Locations: To redeem your eGift Card, simply print the e-mail you received or save the image to your phone that contains the gift card number and PIN. When you are ready to check out, present the printout or image to the cashier so they can scan the bar codes for the gift card number and PIN and apply it to your purchase.
  • eGift Card Restaurant Locations: You may be required to convert your e-gift card to a gift card at our customer service area before redeeming it at a participating restaurant location. Check with restaurant staff for instructions before dining.

Online and Catalog Phone Orders

  • You will not need to print off the e-mail if you are ordering through the catalog or online. For plastic gift cards, you should carefully scratch off the gray coating to reveal the PIN.
    • Online: If ordering online, you will see an option to apply a gift on the Method of Payment screen. You may then enter the gift card number and PIN at that point to apply the gift card to your order.
    • Phone: Simply provide the gift card number and PIN to the Outfitter taking your order when payment information is requested, and it will be applied to your order.