BGMI 1.5.0 Update Rolling Out: How To Install, New Features And More

BGMI 1.5.0 Update Rolling Out:

After a month of development, Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is poised to receive its first big upgrade today. The July update will be released today, July at : PM, according to the company. As Krafton prepares for the new season cycle starting in July, the BGMI.. July patch is slated to bring in a plethora of new features.


Krafton has issued a new BGMI… update today. Battlegrounds Mobile India.. APK and OBB files can be downloaded and installed from this page.


Since its launch last month, the BGMI is getting its first major update. The game’s creators have announced that a new update will be available today. A slew of new features and enhancements will be included in the BGMI. upgrade. Krafton has produced a new BGMI video that details the changes that the new update will bring to BR gamers.

The BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. stable version is yet to be uploaded to the Play Store by Krafton. So, from the download section below, you may get the latest BGMI.. APK + OBB files and instal them.

Both titles’ Royale Passes expire on the same day, July 1st. As a result, the new version of BGMI will most likely be announced before the pass finishes.

All such information is often released by the developers via the Battlegrounds Mobile India official website. It can be accessed by clicking here.

The ability to throw healing consumables is another significant change in the update. It will allow players to toss healing consumables such as health packs, bandages, and other supplies to teammates who are close.

For a limited time after the update, a new Mission Ignition Mode will be active on the Erangel Map. New high-tech sites in Erangel, such as the Transit Center, Tech Center, Georgopol, Logistics Agency, Sosnovka Security Center, and the Energy Center in BGMI, will be included in this new game mode.

Furthermore, a cycle would be constructed in the game by mixing numerous seasons. The badge screen system’s display has also been upgraded. All of these updates are expected to make their way into Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Users should keep tuned for more information to be released. They may also keep up with all the newest information about the game by visiting Sportskeeda’s Battlegrounds Mobile India section.

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