Bellbottom Movie Review and Release Live Updates: Film Released Today

Bellbottom Movie Review and Release Live Updates: Film Released Today

The Ranjit Tiwari directory BellBottom, with Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi, will be the venerable storey of fans and famous people here. On Thursday, the movie is released in theatres.


BellBottom is available today in theatres. Akshay Kumar-starrer This movie, which also stars in crucial roles Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta, and Huma Qureshi, is among the first major Hindi films in theatres, to be released nationally following the lifting of the second lockdown.


Although the number of people who are going to view the film in the middle of the pandemic is still quite uncertain, Khiladi Kumar is on the decision of the makers to release it at the theatre. The film’s storey reveals a secret Akshay opera played by a hijacked Indian aeroplane saving 210 passengers.

Previously, in a group interview, as Akshay spoke to the media about BellBottom’s box office prospects, ‘The pressure is that Maharashtra is still shut down and 30% of the money goes from Maharashtra. And while just 50% of the occupancy is permitted, half of the remaining 70% likewise disappears. But that is a risk we must take. I’m crossing my fingers.”

The role of Akshay is a star undercover agent with the code name ‘Bellbottom’ in the 3-and-a-half-minute trailer. The eighth detention episode in five years, after an aircraft was hijacked and the land was taken in Amritsar, he was taken to save the day.

Akshay’s character plans to rescue 210 captives and neutralise four hijackers with daring clandestine operation. Vaani Kapoor portrays his wife as one of its team members is Huma Qureshi. As former Premier Indira Gandhi, Lara Dutta seems nearly unrecognisable.

“Sir, shayad aisa hol ko lage ki mission is not a gay mission. Bas aap itna yaad rakhna (there may be a circumstance in which everyone assume the mission failed. “Akshay character says to his boss, hinting that BellBottom would be full of twists and seat edge spells. But remember that it’s not done until it is finished,” he says.

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