Activate Card and Login: Easy Ways to Activate Barclay’s JetBlue Card Activate Card and Login: Easy Ways to Activate Barclay’s JetBlue Card

If you want to have a MasterCard and pay no fees annually and also no fees for your foreign transaction then this JetBlue MasterCard is a perfect match for you. JetBlue MasterCard provides you extra beneficial points on the purchases you make while using the JetBlue MasterCard. Once you sign up a total of 10000 bonus points will be credited. – Activate JetBlue Card


For every jet blue purchase, you will be achieving 3x points. In addition, the card also provides you 2x bonus points for your needful grocery and also for your dining in the restaurants. The JetBlue MasterCard can act as a solution to all of your card expectations. The JetBlue MasterCard Company also provides you two types of help services that you can easily reach to.

The first one is their customer care service where you will be needed to dial up the JetBlue customer care number and convey your issue to the respective customer care representative. The customer care number is provided down below.

The second way to reach out to their service is by sending them an official mail conveying your issue. The mail address is provided to you on their official website in the contact us section. Both of the ways are convenient and the company representatives will try their best to solve your problem as soon as possible. Their service is one of the best known.

 JetBlue MasterCard customer service toll-free number – 1-866-928-3104 TS3122 : TS3122 : Registering Printer with Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY online:

By operating the online activation procedure you can activate your JetBlue MasterCard using some simple and easy steps. Have your documents like your JetBlue MasterCard details and documentation for your personal identification nearby yourself. It will help you to complete the procedure faster.

Below we have mentioned all the steps that need to be taken for your JetBlue MasterCard activation in an understandable and detailed format. The easily walkable steps are:

1. The electronic device can be your smartphone, your laptop, your Pc, or maybe your tablet. Take your device and connect it to a fine quality data speed internet connection. Once you have connected your device open up your web browser and shortly type down the website address of the activation link of the JetBlue MasterCard and then tick or click on the search icon or the enter button.

2. The JetBlue MasterCard website address for activation is There is one more website that you can also visit for your JetBlue MasterCard activation process. The website address is

3. Once the website is opened for you, you will be shown up with two options. In the first option, you will be asked your username and password. Existing cardmembers would go for this procedure to login into their account. In the other one, you will be showing up with the option saying “Activate my card now”. Click on this option to activate your JetBlue MasterCard.

4. In the third stair or step, you need to fill all the necessary question that is asked to you regarding your card details and other information. Fill the data with the correct information as per your JetBlue MasterCard. Inspect your filled data once over before proceeding.

5. After you proceed your JetBlue MasterCard will be activated. Now, you can use your JetBlue MasterCard and login into your account using the first option. Thus, now you can start using up your activation bonus point given by JetBlue MasterCard. Make sure you use your bonus points of 10000 between the first 90 days from your activation date. After the first 90 days, you cannot redeem it.

Activate JetBlue MasterCard by Customer Service:

If you want to try the other activation rather than using the online method or if you have faced any kind of issue while activating your JetBlue MasterCard you can take up this procedure. This course of action for activation is also very unembellished, straight, and easy to function on.

For this, you would need to dial the JetBlue MasterCard activation customer care number and discuss the issue with the provided representative. You need to provide them certain details about your JetBlue MasterCard and along with other information. We have provided the steps below in an understandable format. The steps are:

JetBlue MasterCard Customer Care Toll-free number for the activation procedure – 1-877-408-8866

  1. Take up your cellphone and dial the number provided above. It is a toll-free number thus no charges will be taken during the duration of the call. One of the service representatives will take up your call. You need to convey your needful things to the representative of the JetBlueMasterCard customer service.
  2. You will be asked for details about your JetBlue MasterCard. Proceeding you will be also asked information related to your identification which is a necessary step to take on. Provide them the right data. The representative will carry out the whole procedure in the backend. Please stay a little patient during the full procedure.
  3. Once step 2 is done. Your JetBlue MasterCard activation procedure is completed in a hustle-free process. Now, you can start using your JetBlue MasterCard and redeem your 10,000 bonus point given to you upon your card activation.

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How do I get a PIN for my chip card?

Although we assigned a 4-digit PIN to your account when we opened it, we encourage you to change your PIN to something easy to remember, difficult to guess.

• If you activate your new card online, you’ll be prompted to create a PIN. You won’t have to know your existing PIN to create a new one.
• If you call us to activate your new card, you can also create a PIN, or you can request to have your assigned PIN mailed to you.

Please note that if you create a new PIN, you’ll have to sign for your first transaction at a chip-card terminal with a cashier. After your first chip transaction has been completed, your PIN will be activated and you’ll be able to use your card at self-service terminals where a PIN is required.

You can also use your PIN for cash advances at ATMs in the U.S. and around the world. Your Cash Advance Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will apply. Remember that there is only one PIN for your account. As the primary cardmember, you can share your PIN with authorized users, at your discretion.

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