Back 4 Blood Beginner’s Guide : Best Water-Cooler Moments

Back 4 Blood Beginner’s Guide : Best Water-Cooler Moments

The clever level design in Back 4 Blood creates distinct moments in every level, preventing boredom from setting in after a few plays. When playing cooperatively today, most challenges consist of getting from point A to point B while defeating enemies with increasing health bars. Games like Outriders, while still entertaining in their own right, become monotonous after a certain amount of playtime.


Back 4 Blood avoids the same pitfalls by shaking up its core formula. Some levels have zombies to contend with and others have you loading and firing an anti-aircraft gun to detonate a mine. It’s all possible. Even in the simpler A-to-B levels, the decisions you have to make are not simple.



After losing her family to the Devil Worm, Holly Forrester learned to channel all her energy into being a Cleaner and is known as the glue that keeps the team together. Armed with her trusty nail spiked baseball bat she affectionately calls “Dottie,” Holly’s resilience and never-say-die attitude helps boost the team’s morale and is often seen as a ray of light in the darkness of the apocalypse.


He may be the youngest and least experienced Cleaner on the team but has proven to be a quick study. Besides being good in a fight, Evangelo has established himself as a loyal and reliable member of the team. He tends to talk a lot, especially when he’s nervous, but is eager to show that he has what it takes to be a Cleaner.


Surviving on the outskirts of Fort Hope since the Collapse, Karlee only trusted in herself. No one knows much about her, and she’s fine with that. Though originally seen as a nuisance at best and a looter at worst, her actions have proved time and time again which side she’s on. Now with the Ridden on the rise, she’s made the choice to fight alongside the survivors. She may no


Nobody knows Finleyville and the surrounding county like Jim. From an early age, he would head out into the countryside with his father, hunting and trapping with the best of them. After a stint in the military, he returned home, only to see it ravaged by the Collapse. Now he’s found his place among the most trusted cleaners. When not fighting back-to-back with his team, he’s scouring the countryside of his beloved Pennsylvania routing out the Ridden infestation.


A meticulous individual, enthusiastic prepper, and conspiracy theorist. When the infection hit, he and his mother hunkered down and rode out the storm as the rest of the world fell into chaos. After his mother passed away in her sleep and his supplies ran out, he left his boarded-up house to face the world of the Devil Worm. Howard Robert Hoffman is genuinely skilled and good hearted, with an earnest desire to be a useful part of the team. As part of the Cleaners, he’s finally come across the family that he’s always wanted – he just had to wade through the zombie apocalypse to find it.


A card acts as a mini-perk in Back 4 Blood, allowing you to deal more damage with specific weapon types or gain extra health. You can play a new card at each safe house to give your character a bonus. You can only use cards you’ve unlocked through the Supply Chain when playing with other players online (more on this in the next section), but solo players can create their own unique, unrestricted solo decks.

There is no need to unlock any cards when using these solo decks because you can play with all of the cards. Consider what deck you’d like to bring back to town, then explore solo mode for the cards you can’t live without. Then, focus on the Supply Chains that provide access to those cards in multiplayer.


In Back 4 Blood, the focus is on the group. A special zombie or a high-rise building can still take their toll, even if you’re the healthiest Cleaner in the game. However, similar to Left 4 Dead, you can use items to heal your allies in the same way that you do. You’ll have a better chance of winning if you can keep your team alive.

Ask yourself, “Who could use this more?” before applying that bandage. “Will it be me or my pal?”


While the gameplay inside levels is very similar to that of a Left 4 Dead sequel, Back 4 Blood has a lot of fresh ideas for enemies and objectives. To give Back 4 Blood a roguelite feel, each run is divided into multiple levels with only one way to proceed.

Back 4 Blood includes a card system to promote replayability and team building. Cards are awarded to players as they progress through the game and as they earn Supply Points. After completing levels, you’ll receive these as a reward, and spending them at Fort Hope will unlock Supply Lines cards. Afterwards, a deck is created from these cards, and it can be used in games like Hearthstone.

I’ve played through Act 1 a few times now and haven’t grown tired of it yet. That’s in part because the levels are well-designed and in part because of the cards. It’s likely that Back 4 Blood’s campaign will become a staple of many gamers’ game nights thanks to its near-perfect refinement as a cooperative experience.

For all the wrong reasons, this game’s botched PvP multiplayer mode stands out. A best-of-three match pits teams of Ridden and Cleaners against one another in this Swarm mode. Giving players control over zombies is an interesting concept, but it’s also boring.

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