Baby Shower Greeting Cards Message Ideas : Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

Baby Shower Greeting Cards Message Ideas : Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

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It’s a nice gesture to send the parents-to-be some words of support and assurance in a baby shower card. It is an honour to share in the joy of a loved one during one of the happiest occasions of their life. That could be the sentiment you’re hoping to convey to your guests at the baby shower.

Is the couple eagerly awaiting the gender reveal? Personalization is still possible for your message. Here are some baby shower wishes for you to choose from.

1) “I’m so happy I could be here to share this exciting time with you.”

2) “It means so much to be here with you as you get ready to welcome a precious new life.”

3) “Your baby shower is a celebration I wouldn’t have missed for the world!”

4) “Blessings to you and your baby-to-be on this happy day.”

5) “Thanks for making me part of your special day. Let the shower games begin!”

6) “They say it takes a village. As you look at all the smiling faces surrounding you today, I hope you know that’s us. We are your village, and we’ll always be here for you as you raise this precious child.”

Baby Shower Wishes For a BOY

Baby shower wishes for a boy should be tailored to his gender. There is a wide variety of approaches and emotions represented here; pick the one that speaks to you.

• Congratulations on your sweet little guy. He’s lucky to have you two as parents!

• Your precious little boy is on the way! I am thrilled for you and your growing family.

• Oh Boy! We are so excited to meet your little guy and shower him with love. Thanks for letting us share in your joy today!

• We hope you have your mama’s smile and your daddy’s humor. We love you already, little one!

• I am over-the-moon excited for you! I’ll bring over a meal after your sweet little bundle arrives.

• He’s already the luckiest guy in the world to have you two as parents! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you today!

• Your little guy already has a lot of people who love him. Can’t wait to hear the great news!

• Looking forward to meeting your sweet bundle of joy! May these final weeks be peaceful and healthy.

Baby shower ecard with quote

Baby Shower Wishes For a GIRL

The world is about to be graced by a beautiful little angel. Tell the parents how excited you are for her to join the world.

• So excited for your new little girl! She’s already got the best parents!

• Your little girl is going to light up your life. Enjoy every moment!

• Congratulations on your sweet baby girl. I can’t wait to meet her!

• Your little sweetie already has so many people who love her! Can’t wait to shower her with love and snuggles!

• We are thrilled for you and your growing family. Congratulations on a sweet baby girl!

• Tutus, bows, dolls and shoes, you’ll have so much fun at parks and zoos! Congratulations on your little miss!

• The adventure of a little girl will be the adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the ride!

• We’re tutu thrilled to meet your sweet pea. Best wishes for the final weeks of your pregnancy!

• We hope that she has your smile and your heart! Congratulations!