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To activate Kayo on your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Activate via Web Browser:

    • Open the Kayo app on your compatible TV.
    • Select “Sign In.” You’ll see an activation code displayed on your TV screen.
    • Using another device (like a smartphone or laptop), visit this link and enter the code displayed on your TV screen.
    • Confirm the 8-digit code, and you may be asked to enter your login details. Once done, you’ll automatically be signed in on your TV. Simply select your profile and start streaming!
  2. Activate via QR Code (if supported by your device):

    • Open the Kayo app on your TV.
    • Select “Sign In.” If a QR code is available, it will appear on the screen.
    • Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, scan the QR code on your TV.
    • Tap the pop-up notification that appears (it should direct you to this page
    • The 8-digit code displayed on your TV will be pre-populated on your smartphone/tablet. Confirm it, and you may be asked to enter your login details.
    • Your TV will sign in automatically, and you can choose your profile to start streaming! 📺🎉 Code Activation

To Airplay the BINGE app from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV.

  • Set up your Apple TV and connect it to your TV via HDMI cable

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi. This is important for this to work

  • Swipe down your Apple device screen and click on the “Airplay” icon and select your TV name from the device on the same WiFi as your iDevice

  • Instantly, the BINGE video will be Airplay to your TV screen if the setup is properly configured as stated here.

Once this is done you can control the video on your device. The device forward, backward, and volume button can be controlled with the aid of the device air-playing.

On Mobile Phones, The Advantage Of The Greater Resolution Might Not Be Evident Or Significant For You, Leading To Unnecessarily Substantial Information Intake.

Activate Binge on your device with and binge watch with AUTH Streamotion. Visit the official website and follow the activation procedure.

Here is how to download, install and view activate code for Telstra TV

  • Go to the Telstra TV app store, search for “BINGE”, download and install the app.

  • Navigate to downloaded apps and launch the “BINGE” app. Select “Sign In” once the app opens.

  • You will see an instruction ushering you to go to and the activation code to authorize the BINGE app on the Telstra TV.

  • Visit on your computer or phone browser.

  • Enter the “Streamotion Activation Code” on your Telstra TV screen and follow the instruction on the screen.

The activation code on your TV screen will automatically refresh itself and you will be able to start watching your favourite BINGE show or event.

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