‘Apple must be stopped,’ says CEO Sweeney of Epic Games

‘Apple must be stopped,’ says CEO Sweeney of Epic Games

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games Inc., said Tuesday that the metaverse allows creators freedom from the restrictive mobile duopoly of Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google.


Sweeney stated at a conference in South Korea where legislators enacted the first law requiring mobile platforms to provide customers a choice of payment handlers that the metaverse may become a multitrillion-dollar portion of the world economy in the coming decades.

When it comes to constructing the metaverse, Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) both have policies in place that prevent other corporations from doing so, allowing them to control and tax it, he said. “We can’t let these two firms take over our digital life,” a prominent blogger has said.


Epic is suing Sweeney for anticompetitive reasons, and this was his latest shot. Epic is one of several developers who have complained about the two computer giants’ onerous commission costs and restrictive payment systems, including Meta Platforms Inc. FB, -0.38 percent, Match Group Inc. MTCH, 0.63 percent, and Spotify Technology SPOT, -1.17 percent. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that the open metaverse is a means to an end for them, as has Sweeney.

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Sweeney, whose company has brought antitrust litigation against Apple and Google in federal court, said, “Apple locks a billion people into one shop and payment processor.” As a result, Apple now complies with harsh foreign laws that monitor and restrict the political rights of its customers. ‘ Apple, on the other hand, is defying the democratic laws of South Korea. “Apple must be stopped,”

Skeptical of Google’s strategy, Sweeney commended the Korean government’s inclusion of anti-retaliation clauses for developers in its legislation.

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This service fee “has never been merely for payment processing,” a spokesperson for Google Play noted in an email response. We do this by providing Android and Google Play for free and investing in a wide range of services for developers and users in South Korea and throughout the world.”

Apple was unavailable for comment at the time of this writing.

Megan DiMuzio, an independent nonprofit executive director of The Coalition for App Fairness, spoke before Sweeney. It’s time for Apple and Google to look at Korean legislation as an opportunity to alter course and be a force for good, not a hindrance,” she said.

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