Amazon Prime Gaming : Amazon Prime home for gamers

Amazon Prime Gaming : Amazon Prime home for gamers

Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime and offers in-game content for your favorite games, free games to download, and a free monthly channel subscription on Twitch.

Prime Gaming includes the following benefits:

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    Twitch Channel Subscription – Subscribe every month to a Partner or Affiliate channel to access exclusive channel-specific Subscriber perks that come with a regular subscription such as chat privileges, emoticons, badges, and more.

  • Member Access to Game Content – Get access to select games and in-game loot at no additional cost.

  • Exclusive Emoticons – Access emoticons such as KappaHD, ScaredyCat, and others, reserved only for Prime Gaming and Turbo members.

  • Expanded Chat Color Options – Set a chat color.

  • Member-Only Prime Chat Badge – Reign supreme with a unique chat badge. Prime members are easily identified whenever they speak in any channel across Twitch, by the crown icon

  • Extended Broadcast Storage – Save your past broadcasts on Twitch for 60 days instead of the standard 14. 727e66ac error code: NBA 2k Servers Fix All Errors

If you’re already an Amazon Prime or Prime Video member, link your Amazon account. Otherwise, confirm you’re located in an eligible country or territory.

  1. Go to

  2. Select Try Prime.

  3. Confirm that the location displayed in the prompt is correct.

    • If not correct, select Change country, and then the appropriate option.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Sign in or create Amazon account.

  6. Follow the prompts to complete the membership sign-up and account linking process.

Link Your Amazon and Twitch Accounts

Linking your Amazon and Twitch accounts is required for several Twitch benefits such as the Member-Only Prime Chat Badge and the monthly Twitch Subscription Credit.

Note: When you choose to connect your Amazon account, the profile information connected to your Amazon account, including your name, may be used by Twitch. Twitch won’t publicly display your Amazon account information.

  1. Go to Prime Gaming: Your Twitch Accounts.

  2. Select Connect a Twitch account and log in with your Twitch account.

“Oh No!” Error Message When I Sign up for Prime Gaming

Common causes include attempting to sign up from an unsupported location or issues with the payment.

Confirm that:

  • You are located in an eligible country or territory.

  • You are not using a VPN.

  • Your country settings are correct.

  • The card number entered is correct.

  • You have sufficient funds to pass a temporary authorization charge.

  • The billing address and zip code for your card matches what is registered with your card issuer.

  • Your card issuer is not blocking temporary authorization transactions.

If you’re not located in an eligible country or territory, but signed up for an Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership, cancel the membership.

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Subscribe to a Twitch Channel Using Prime Gaming

Use your Twitch Channel Subscription to access exclusive channel-specific subscriber perks that come with a regular subscription such as chat privileges, emoticons, and more.

The Free Subscription with Prime Gaming subscription option only displays if:

  • You are subscribed to Prime Gaming,

  • the streamer is a Partnered or Affiliate channel, and

  • you haven’t already claimed your monthly Twitch Channel Subscription in the past month.

Note: While Prime Student members are eligible for Prime Gaming, you only receive one Twitch Channel Subscription to use on any Partner or Affiliate channel during your no-cost trial. If you’ve used a Free Trial previously, you aren’t eligible to receive a Prime Gaming channel subscription during your Prime Student Free Trial.

Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates: Discord Stuck on the Main Connecting Screen

  1. Select Subscribe on the Channel page.

  2. Select the Subscribe button with the Prime Gaming crown.

Twitch channel subscriptions made with Prime Gaming do not auto-renew. Redeem your Prime Gaming Twitch Channel subscription benefit every month when you receive it to remain subscribed with one specific channel.

Tip: To redeem a free Twitch channel subscription with Prime Gaming on mobile iOS, use the Safari browser.

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