Aka.ms/mfasetup – Enable Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication


Please go through this aka.ms/mfasetup and get all the details you need to know about Microsoft multi factor authentication setup (MFA Setup). Below is a basic guideline for the Microsoft Authenticator App with a verification code.


There are three authentication options available for Multifactor Authentication.

  1. SMS Message – You will be sent a text message containing a verification code when you attempt a log-in. Enter the verification code provided into the sign-in interface.

  2. Mobile Application Push – This option pushes a pop-up notification to the authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet to approve or deny.

  3. Mobile Application OAUTH – The authenticator app generates a 6-digit verification code that updates every 30 seconds. This is useful in scenarios where you may be in an area with poor cell coverage.

Navigate to the following link to setup Multi-Factor Authentication aka.ms/mfasetup Type your Dakota County email address and password to login and sign in. Click next to provide more information:


What is Microsoft Multi-Factor-Authentication?

All customers using Office 365 to use 2-step verification aka Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) by way of a secondary security code to login to Office 365 accounts.

    1. On your computer browser visit aka.ms/MFASetup and sign in with your Office 365 work email address and password.

    2. You will need to choose to use the “Mobile app” and “Receive notifications for verification” to receive the 2-Step verification requests. You can choose SMS if you wish and enter your mobile number but we recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator app, especially if you are already using it for MFA to login to your office workstations remotely. Then click Set up.

    3. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone, add a “Work or school account” and with your phone camera scan the QR code that you will see on your screen. If the App asks for camera permission please grant this. An example of the QR code you will see is below, but ensure you scan your own QR code on your screen and NOT the one in this article. Once the app displays a six-digit code, click Next.

    4. It will now ask you to verify your app, click Next again and it will send a test approval to your mobile phone, for you to approve it in the Microsoft Authenticator app. Watch out for the notification and approve it. An example of what you will see is below.

    5. Finally, enter your mobile number and be sure to select United Kingdom. Then press Next. This is only used as a backup but it’s very useful if you change your phone or lose the app.

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