AIMS Web Plus Student Login : How do I Access AIMSweb?

AIMS Web Plus Student Login : How do I Access AIMSweb?

Achievement Improvement Monitoring System is a research-based screening and progress monitoring system used to efficiently and quickly assess our students’ reading skills. Similar to a health physical given by a doctor, the AIMSweb universal screeners (tests) provide a quick and efficient indicator of how well a student is doing with their critical reading skills.

How is the assessment data used?

The test data is collected and entered into the AIMSweb system. The data is used to identify students who may need additional support or additional diagnostic assessment. By using this universal screener three times per year, we can identify students who are “on track” with reading, and also identify students who may need additional support to meet reading goals.

Many students, who are identified to receive additional targeted instruction, are progress monitored (tested weekly) to ensure they are making adequate progress.

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Age range: Measures and norms for grades K–8; May roster PreK using kindergarten measures and norms; May roster grades 9–12 using grade 8 measures and norms.

Completion time: Progress Monitoring measures are brief and vary from 1–7 minutes. Benchmarking administration time (i.e., interim assessment) varies depending on grade level and measures selected (see Resources tab, Assessment Matrix document).

Administration: Online test administration for measures in grades 2–12. Digital record forms with some paper-and-pencil test booklets for grades K–1. Digital record forms for Oral Reading Fluency for grades 1–12.

How does the renewal process work?

Within 60 days of your subscription’s end, you will be notified that you should update your subscription for the next year. You can leave your subscription the same, edit the number of students, or cancel your subscription. On the subscription’s renewal date (one year from purchase), you will be invoiced.

Measure what matters

aimswebPlus provides the framework, data, and guidance that administrators, teachers, and specialists need to efficiently allocate and evaluate core instruction and interventions, helping them improve outcomes for all students based on accurate, continuous, and direct student assessment.

Early intervention is the key to success, both in and out of the classroom. With aimswebPlus, you can measure what matters — when it matters.

aimswebPlus can help you:

  • Meet accountability requirements
  • Uncover learning gaps faster and more accurately
  • Screen and monitor students in one seamless system
  • Track student progress for more effective instruction and interventions


What really matters to you? Rank these for you and your team and let us help you deliver results.

  • Brief: most assessments take 1 to 4 minutes to complete
  • Predictive: provides accurate predictions of reading and math achievement
  • Sensitive: includes student Rate of Improvement (ROI) growth percentiles and summaries that allow schools to compare progress against similar students in a national sample
  • Flexible: delivers strong benchmarking and progress monitoring yet robust enough to add a wide array of additional screeners and instructional supports
  • Teacher-friendly: easy to administer and score by a wide range of education personnel
  • Tested: content accurately measures reading and math skills with proven reliability and validity

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