Activate Card 2024 Online : Activate Card 2024 Online :

To activate your Aetna CVS Health Card, login into and enter the 16 digit card number and expiration date of your Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card.

You can apply for a premium tax credit (aka “subsidy”) at which you can use to lower the cost of your monthly plan premium. Other help may also be available

You can use to enroll in new coverage or make changes to existing plan outside of the Open Enrollment period if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event, such as the birth of a child or the loss of work

Whether you’re looking for simple ways to improve your health or get through a tough recovery, your Aetna CVS Health™ plan is here for you. Hear one member’s story. And how our caring team was there to support her after an accident, hospital stay, rehab and beyond

Aetna CVS Health Card Activate

Once you receive and activate your Aetna CVS Health card, you can start using it online through the MyBenefits portal and the MyBenefits app and/or in person at a participating retail location near you. When at a retail location, simply swipe your card for payment.

1. Log in to your personalized MyBenefits portal at or call 833-838-1307 (TTY: 711)

2. Enter the 16 digit card number and expiration date of your Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card.

3. Your 12-digit member ID contains 2 letters and 10 numbers

4. Enter your Date of Birth and Last Name provided to your health plan during enrollment

5. Click on Activate Card Button to activate your card.


Ordering OTC products

NationsOTC is your exclusive OTC delivery service. You may use the NationsOTC Home Delivery section of this catalog. Or go to to search by product or UPC code. Then select items you’d like shipped to your home at no extra cost. Online, app, phone, and mail delivery service are only available through NationsOTC, you will not be able to use these options with other retailers.


• Log in to your secure online account on the MyBenefits website at to place your order

• Select the items you would like to buy and follow the instructions for checkout and payment


Select the items you would like to buy and call 1-833-838-1307 (TTY: 711) to place your order. Our Member Experience Advisors are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. They can help you place your order.


• Select the items you would like to buy.

• Complete the order form in the back of this catalog.

• Send your completed order form using the postage-paid envelope attached to this catalog to:

1801 NW 66th Avenue, Suite 100
Plantation, FL 33313

This catalog only includes one order form, you will receive a new order form with each order you place.

Aetna Medicare-Medicaid Plan MMP

Managing your health care doesn’t need to be hard. That’s why we designed Aetna Better Health℠ Premier Plan (a Medicare-Medicaid plan) to be convenient for you.

We manage both your Medicare and Medicaid coverage. We take care of it all. This includes your health, dental, vision and mental health benefits, among others. You carry one ID card, and you have one place to call when you have questions.

This coverage includes preventive services like doctor’s visits, lab testing, X-rays and more. Plus, we can help with serious health concerns. These may be chronic diseases or mental health issues. We also can connect you with resources in your community for other services.

Look at this section closely so that you can better understand your plan. You’ll know what’s covered, what is not, and how you can find the right care when you need it.

If you have questions about your plan, just call Member Services toll-free at 1-855-676-5772 (TTY: 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aetna Better Health Premier Plan is a health plan that contracts with both Medicare and Michigan Medicaid to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees

ATTENTION: If you speak Spanish or Arabic, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you. Call 1-855-676-5772 (TTY: 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call is free


Does CVS own Aetna?

CVS Health-owned Aetna on Monday rolled out a plan design that would steer patients toward its parent company’s brick-and-mortar locations — a key concern of antitrust regulators in reviewing the almost $69 billion megamerger that closed in 2019.

What is the username for Aetna?

Most people use their Member ID. You can find your Member ID on your ID card, Welcome Letter, or any EOB we sent to you.

What is the phone number for Aetna CVS health company?

1-888-632-3862 (TTY: 711)

Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, local time.

What are the changes in Aetna 2024?

Improved dental, vision and hearing benefits: Every 2024 Aetna MA plan will include dental,9 vision and hearing benefits, ensuring all members can maintain their dental health and access corrective eyewear and hearing aids. Dental: In 2024, all of our plans include a dental benefit.

What is the format of Aetna member ID number?

This card will have a new 10-digit member ID card that replaces their old 9 digit number. Be sure to ask all members for their new ID Card when they visit your practice. Please be aware that the new ID number is effective on May 1, 2023 and should be used when submitting all claims for Aetna Better Health Kids.