Aetna Data Breach 2023 : Aetna Insurance Announces Data Breach

Aetna Data Breach 2023 : Aetna Insurance Announces Data Breach

Some Aetna insurance members in Maine may have had their Data Breach due to a suspected cyberattack on a third-party vendor. Some Aetna members receive hearing and flex card benefits from a company called NationsBenefits, which Aetna claims was involved in the cyber attack.

NationsBenefits informed its affected consumers that a cyberattack occurred in late January. As the company explained, a “malicious actor” gained access to information on a third-party programme that was used to transfer files to and from Aetna.

First name, middle initial, last name, gender, health plan ID number, address, phone number, and date of birth were among the personally identifiable information (PII) compromised, per a report by NationsBenefits.

It’s unclear how many Mainers were affected by this data breach, but a lawsuit in New Hampshire indicates over 7,000 people there were.



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