ADT Pulse Login : Sign In – ADT Pulse(TM) Interactive Solutions

ADT Pulse Login : Sign In – ADT Pulse(TM) Interactive Solutions

Login at to manage emergency alarm contacts, security passwords, test your system, download your certificate of monitoring and more on MyADT.

MyADT offers many self-serve features that help you save time managing your account. Make a payment, order yard signs and decals, and much more.

The ADT Pulse® Mobile App allows you to access a core set of remote monitoring and security system functions.

The app is designed to be easy to use, so it contains only the essential functionality available in the web portal. For more extensive functionality, refer to the web portal and its online help system.

This app is supported on mobile devices running Android 4.4 and above and iOS 9.0 and above.

Register for a MyADT Account

To view your user Profile, Account Statements, Travel Reminders and more, create a MyADT account. Your account will allow you to securely access these documents. We strongly recommend you log in and change your password.

Step 1: Select No account? Register.


Step 2: Enter your Primary Phone number and Verbal Security Password.


Step 3: Click “I agree with the MyADT usage agreement”.

Step 4: Select Verify.

Find Account

Enter your phone number and verbal password information, then click Find Account.

If the search was successful, a screen will appear showing an address associated with the account and a message Eligible to register. Click next to the address until the check mark appears then click Continue.

If no information was found, an error message will appear.

Create Profile

Enter name, email address, a password and then click on the drop down menu to select a security question and type in the answer in the space provided. Be sure to click the box next to the usage agreement. Enter the requested information to create a web profile then click Complete Registration.

If a profile was previously created, an error message may appear. Follow the instructions in the error message to resolve the issue.

User Email Provided Already In Use.jpg
Verify the email address then click Complete Registration.


Click the green Get started! button.

First, set up communications preferences. Be sure to verify the email address where appointment reminders, monthly statements, and any alerts are to be delivered. Also, click the box next to Service Appointment Notifications or Billing Notifications. Click Save and Continue.

Monitoring Reports

Next, you will set up your Monitoring Reports preferences. Click the drop down menu to choose the frequency (Never, One Month, Two Months, or Three Months), then verify the email address where you want the reports sent.

Signs and Decals

Make sure to order any signs or decals. Click the green Order Yard Signs and Decals button. Be sure to use the drop down menu next to signs and next to decals to choose how many of each to order.

Note: Customers may order 2 signs and 2 decals per year.
Order Yard Signs.jpg

A screen will appear when the order is successful. The MyADT account setup is complete.