Login and Activate your Speedtalk Mobile SIM via speedtalkmobile.com/activate

Login and Activate your Speedtalk Mobile SIM via speedtalkmobile.com/activate

SpeedTalk Mobile is one of the leading providers of cellular technology in the U.S. We provide a variety of flexible wireless plans for cell phones and IoT devices like alarm systems, GPS trackers, and smartwatches. At the moment, SpeedTalk Mobile only sells wireless service plans. We do not currently sell any type of device.


SpeedTalk Mobile works as a subscription-based wireless service for most of our plan options. This allows us to operate as a no credit check/no-contract service. If you are looking for a one month only plan, you will have the option to turn off the auto-renewal subscription and if you are enrolled to the auto-renewal subscription you will be able to cancel at any time. The subscription program is only for our 30- & 60-day plans. Our 180-day & full year plans are excluded from this feature.

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The only way to acquire a SIM card from SpeedTalk Mobile is by purchasing a plan from SpeedTalk Mobile directly. We only provide SIM cards through the GSM-T network. Check our GSM-T coverage map to verify there is coverage where you will be using your phone or device regularly. Our IoT plans, such as our Alarm System, Smartwatch and GPS Trackers, also work through the GSM-T network.

Activate your Speedtalk Mobile SIM

• To begin, go to speedtalkmobile.com/activate on the official Speedtalk website.

• After that, click ‘Activate’ in the upper right corner.

• Once you’ve turned the SIM card over, you’ll be able to see the numbers below the bar code. You will be redirected to a new page where you must enter these numbers. Keep in mind that you are not required to type in the alphabet.

• Then click ‘Continue’

• To demonstrate that you are not a robot, you must now perform a simple addition calculation.

• Enter your email address and choose ‘Get a PIN’ to proceed to the next page.

• Look for the personal identification number in the email from Speed Talk Mobile.

• Copy and paste it from your email, or type it in. Once you’ve entered, click ‘Continue’ to go on to the next screen.

• The next step is to enter your ZIP code and click ‘Continue.’ Selecting ‘Have system pick a random….’ will allow you to choose a ZIP code that corresponds to where you want your phone number to be associated.

• Please fill out the following information: First Name, Last Name, City, Address Line 1, State and ZIP Code. Please also include your Email and Phone number.

• Choosing ‘Continue’ will proceed.

• The final step is to pay for activation with a credit or debit card. After reading the terms and conditions, click the’submit’ button to complete the registration process.

If your device is GSM technology, you will need a SIM card. SpeedTalk Mobile’s IoT plans only work with GSM devices. If you are not sure the type of technology of your device, we suggest you contact the device manufacturer and ask if your device is GSM technology.

Device Compatibility:

If you need a SIM card/plan for an IoT device that is not an Alarm system, GPS, or Smartwatch, the GPS Tracker plans will work with any IoT device. Do not let the title of the page deter you. We guarantee that our plans will work with your device as long as your device is GSM technology.

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Activation:You should use our activation link if you are looking to receive a new number from SpeedTalk Mobile.

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Port-In (Transfer)You should use our port-in link in order to transfer an existing number from another carrier.

https //www.att.com Login : Sign in with AT&T wireless or internet account


Make sure your existing number is currently ACTIVE with your phone company.

Remember to get your account number and PIN from your current phone company for successful transfer.

refill icon

RefillRemember! To continue using your plan and to avoid any service interruptions, you must REFILL your account before your current plan expires. We will send you a reminder notification when it is time to refill your plan.

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