Activate your Finance Now Card : Card and Login Account

Activate your Finance Now Card : Card and Login Account

Activate the Finance Now Card and you can access money 24/7 through NZ’s network of ATM and EFTPOS facilities.

1. Visit the Finance Now Card activation page

2. Make sure you have the following ready:

3. Your Finance Now Card

  • Your mobile phone
  • Your email address

4. Click the Activate button on the page.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and read the Disclosure Statement so you understand your rights and obligations.

6. Your card limit will be reassessed during activation based on your updated credit position, and this limit will be provided in your Disclosure Statement.

7. Once activated, your Finance Now Card can be used as an EFTPOS card at any terminal throughout New Zealand.

It’s an ID Card. Present it at over 1,500 retailers that use Finance Now to fast track your next finance application

Finance Now Card Benefits:

• Use it as ID at over 1,500 Finance Now retailers – for fast mobile verification

• Activate now, use later – no fees until you start using the card*

• Low interest rates from 19.95% p.a. for your every day needs or short term loan

• It can be your everyday EFTPOS and ATM card

• PLUS no EFTPOS transaction fees for purchases $20 and over*

• Free access to eMoney for 24/7 access to balances and transactions

How to activate your card

Activating your card by simply clicking the button below. Have your card and mobile handy. We’ll let you know what your credit limit and interest rate will be. After your Card has been activated a PIN will be posted to you.  Once you’ve received it you’re good to go!

1. To activate your Card, go to

2. Enter your Card number.

3. Enter the authorisation code sent to the mobile phone number.

4. Click on Activate

5. The card will be activated soon.

When you activate your Card, an authorisation code will be sent to the mobile phone number that we have in our records for you, and you can use that code to complete activation of your Card online.

Once you have activated your FNL Card online, your PIN number should arrive in the post within 5-8 working days.

Once you have activated your Card, subject to any restrictions advised to you by us, you will be able to use your Card
in EFTPOS Terminals to purchase goods and services and in ATMs to withdraw cash.

You will not be able to use your Card in any ATM or EFTPOS Terminal until you activate your Card.

Your expiry date is printed on your card. All cards expire 3 years from date of issue. A new card will be sent to you before your card expires.

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Where can you use your Finance Now Card?

You can use your Finance Now Card at over 1,500 Finance Now stores. Click here to see a list of the stores you can go shopping with.

If you don’t want to activate your card yet, you still have the benefit of using it as official ID for faster ID verification and processing.

Use of your Card in an EFTPOS Terminal or ATM constitutes an irrevocable instruction to us. You cannot stop payment of a transaction made using your Card. There are some limited circumstances under which a transaction can be reversed, for example, a transaction cannot be reversed where there is a dispute with a retailer about the quality of goods and services.

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