Activate Vestavia : Activate Games now in Vestavia

Activate Vestavia : Activate Games now in Vestavia

In December, Activate, a game company that provides an immersive experience through a sequence of mental and physical challenges, relocated to Park South Plaza, Vestavia.

Activate is located at 1425 Montgomery Hwy, Suite 173. Vestavia Hills, AL 35216. For more information or to reserve a time, call 205-644-8674 or visit

Activate has swiftly spread across North America after its 2019 launch in Canada. Like axe throwing and escape rooms, it’s an experience activity. The owners of Homewood’s Breakout also own Vestavia Hills Activate, which launched in the middle of December.

While the two companies share some similarities, Activate brings a physical element to the games that complements the cerebral agility required to play, according to general manager Heaven Sparks.

Unlike Breakout, Sparks explained, “you don’t have to try to guess all these clues.” Instead, players enter specific chambers. It’s a lot more hands-on and engaging.

“It’s something that is expanding at a rapid pace,” she emphasised. “It’s thrilling and exhilarating.”

Climb, hoops, grid, and arena are just a few of the eleven rooms in Activate that have unique themes. Following room selection, a recorded voice prompt will provide instructions to the group. In every session, we begin with Level 1 exercises and work our way up to more challenging ones. Within the given time limit, groups are free to play an infinite number of games in an infinite variety of ways.

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Gather your group of 2-5 and give it your all. More than 5? Split up and switch teams, or mix and match smaller groups while you play.

Book online in advance to secure your spot. Walk-ins are welcome, but subject to availability.

$21.99 per player Monday – Thursday
$25.99 per player Friday – Sunday

Rise Through The Ranks


Your electronic wristband tracks your progress so you can rack up points, advance through the levels, earn prizes, and gain the reputation as the best in your group.

Each Activate location is beaming with a selection of interactive light-up game rooms designed to test your physical and mental agility.

How Many Players Can I Bring?

To play, you need at least two people. Games are played in groups of two to five people. If you have six or more people, you can split into smaller groups and switch players at any time while in the gaming area.

Unfortunately, we do not have a program that matches groups of less than two with other players at this time.

What is the Age Requirement To Play?

To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience at our facility, Activate games have been designed for adults and may be challenging for anyone under the age of 10. Therefore, we require a paid adult to be present in the games at all times with children 10 years old and younger (this rule does not apply to school groups). Please keep in mind that the paid adult counts towards your team of 2-5. If your group exceeds the size limit, we ask that you split it into smaller groups, and an additional adult will be required in each grouping.

For children between the ages of 11-13, an adult must be present at the facility throughout the entire gaming experience.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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