Activate Uber Pro Card and Balance Check

Activate Uber Pro Card and Balance Check

To activate your new Uber Pro Card, Navigate to the Wallet tab. Tap Activate Card on the “Your card is on the way!” banner. If you are unable to locate this message, swipe the rotating banner to the left.

The Uber Pro Card is a business debit Mastercard and bank account powered by Branch that is designed to help you keep more of what you earn. You can use it to pay for purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Uber has partnered with Branch, a financial technology company, that will provide you with secure, instant access to your earnings. Branch powers the Uber Pro Card app: a digital banking wallet where you can track your earnings, transfer money to other bank accounts, track rewards, and manage your savings. Branch banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. Branch is offering a complete banking solution to drivers and couriers in the US who are active on the Driver app.

How do I activate my Uber Pro Card?

Once you have received your Uber Pro Card, there are two different ways to activate it!

From the App:

  1. Navigate to the Wallet tab.
  2. Tap Activate Card on the “Your card is on the way!” banner.
    • If you are unable to locate this message, swipe the rotating banner to the left.
  3. Scan the QR code that was included on the flyer you received with your Uber Pro Card.
  4. Set your PIN if/when prompted.

Over the Phone:

  • If you misplaced the paper that was included with the QR code and your new Uber Pro Card, contact our support line at +1 (833) 548-0319 for assistance.

The Uber Pro Card is a debit card and a checking account, so you can do things like make purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted, transfer money to and from external accounts, and use it at over 55,000 ATMs for free.

As with any debit cards, there’s no credit check. Any driver or courier with an Uber Pro status is welcome to apply, and most will be approved within minutes. ID verification is required.

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How do I reset my Uber Pro Card PIN?

Upon activating your Uber Pro Card, you are required to select a four-digit PIN for the card.

To reset the PIN on your Uber Pro Card:

1. Navigate to the Wallet tab.

2. Tap the three dots on the top right corner of the card displayed to open the Card Controls menu.

3. Select Reset PIN.

4. Enter the new desired four-digit PIN.

5. Confirm your new four-digit PIN.

6. Select Set PIN.



Important to Note:

How do I access my account statements?

Account statements are available in the Uber Pro Card app!

  • Your account statement lists all completed transactions that occurred in your account during the requested period, including transfers and money movement between accounts.
  • If you had a Savings Goal balance during the requested period, that will be displayed on the Summary page of the statement.

Accessing your Account Statements

    1. Navigate to the Account tab.
    2. Tap Statements to see a list of your monthly statements.
    3. Select the month you’d like to view, or create a custom statement.

Creating a Custom Statement

  1. Tap Create in the upper right corner of the account statement page.
  2. Select a date range to create and download your statement.

Important to Note:

  • Monthly account statements are automatically generated by the sixth calendar day of each month for the previous month. For example, your statement for July 2024 will become available through the app on August 6th, 2024.

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