Activate Telus SIM Card : How do I activate my Telus SIM Card and Account?

Activate Telus SIM Card : How do I activate my Telus SIM Card and Account?

With My TELUS, you can manage all of your TELUS mobility services online and in the My TELUS app.


Log in to the My TELUS app for any of the following activities:

  • View your monthly bill and past bills, make online payments and set up payment arrangements or pre-authorized payments
  • Monitor monthly data, voice and text usage across all the devices on your account
  • View your rate plan details. Change your plan if you need more monthly data
  • Add/remove your monthly add-ons for services like international long distance calling and texting. Purchase one-time data top-ups and Fast Passes if you need more data before the end of your billing cycle
  • Travelling outside Canada? Confirm travel coverage for your devices and learn how to use your device while travelling
  • Update your address, change your phone number, swap your SIM card and make other account changes

How do I activate my Telus SIM Card and Account?

You can use a credit card, Visa Debit®, or top-up voucher to activate your Prepaid account. Vouchers available in select retail stores.

  • Select your rate plan and top-up your balance which is used to prepay for your usage, rate plan and add-ons
    • Use your credit cardInterac Online, or purchase a Prepaid Voucher PIN at many local and national retailers
  • You can top-up your account manually or log in to your account and use a credit card to have your account automatically top-up
  • Add a rate plan or add-on, top-up your account, turn on auto top-up or auto-renew and monitor your usage with:
    • My TELUS
    • My TELUS app
    • Our Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. Call #123 from your TELUS Prepaid device or 1-877-277-7745 from another phone
    • Note: A $2 per transaction service fee applies to customers who top-up, or purchase a 30-day rate plan or add-on by using *611 or 1-866-558-2273
    • Download the free My TELUS app on your TELUS Smartphone. You are not charged data fees for using it


  • Tethering your data device is only possible with a data plan or add-on
    • Tethering counts towards your data allotment and when that allotment is depleted, tethering is not supported
  • If you use data without a data plan or add-on or after your allotment has been depleted, a portion of your balance (equivalent to the cost of 1.3MB) is reserved when every new data session starts to ensure pay-per-use charges are covered
    • The amount reserved is deducted from your available balance and cannot be used for other services while it is reserved. Any unused portion of the reserved amount is released back to your balance when the data session is ended (close apps or exit browser) and is then available to use for other services
  • For customers using BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry OS 7.1 or older:
    • Data included in any 30-day rate plan and add-on is not available
    • Pay-per-use data services are not available
  • Swapping from an HSPA to a CDMA device may result in the loss of some network specific plans or add-ons. They will be removed from your account when the swap is processed so no further charges are incurred
  • Data is billed per page viewed on CDMA phones

Your first bill

Your first bill will be different from the bills you’ll receive in the future. Like all service providers, TELUS bills one month in advance. As a result, your first bill will include:

Regular monthly recurring charges for plans and add-ons for next full month. For example:

  • Peace of Mind Connect Unlimited: $75
  • Monthly TELUS Easy Payment: $33

Partial charges from activation date to the end of bill cycle. Partial charges will only appear on your first bill, or if you change plans and add-ons. For example:

  • Partial charge: $44.35

One time service fee. For example:

  • Connection fee: $40

Bill credits for promotions may take up to 2 billing cycles to appear.

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