Activate Telstra Sim: Activate your Pre-Paid or Post-Paid Service

Activate Telstra Sim:

Activating your Pre-Paid or post-paid service can be done in a few simple steps. We’ll ask you a quick question when you start to make sure you’re on the right track.


Before you start, you’ll need your pre-paid SIM serial number found on the back of the packaging, and a valid form of ID.

When you activate, you can choose to transfer your current number from another provider or get a new Telstra number. If you want to transfer your current number to Telstra, keep your existing SIM (from your current provider) in your phone until your service is disconnected.

Once you’ve activated your SIM card, your pre-paid service should be up and running within 4 hours, but it can take longer. If you’re transferring your mobile number, we can only do this within our operating hours.

Activate your pre-paid service

Activate your pre-paid service online in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SIM serial number (on the back of your SIM kit)
    serial number on a SIM kit packaging
  3. Choose to transfer your number from your current provider, or get a new Telstra number
  4. Choose whether you’d like to activate your SIM for a mobile or for another data-only device
  5. Fill out your ID details
  6. Enter your contact details
  7. Select a plan and recharge
  8. Confirm your details and click Activate.

When your Telstra service is activated, your service with your previous provider will stop working. We’ll also send you an email or text to let you know your Telstra service has been activated.

To check if your service is activated, insert it into your device. Turn the device off and back on again. If you see ‘Telstra’ next to the coverage bars, your new service is active. You can restart your device regularly to check if your service is active.

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