Activate Starlink : How do I activate Starlink service?

Activate Starlink : How do I activate Starlink service?

You can activate your Starlink or add a service line using the Starlink dashboard. Log into your Starlink account, select the “Dashboard” tab and click the “+” sign to “Add a Service Line”. Input the requested information.

You will need to specify the service line nickname, subscription type, service address and Starlink serial number. Please note that allowable subscription products must be pre-loaded to your account by customer support or your account manager.

How do I activate my Starlink?

If you do not already have a Starlink, please visit to purchase your Starlink hardware.

Activation is defined as setting up and connecting your Starlink Kit.

If you have purchased a Starlink from an authorized retailer or third party, follow the steps below to add your Starlink to a new account or to existing account.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Starlink Identifier.
  3. Click New Account
    • Click Existing Account if you have an existing account.
  4. Enter Your Address.
  5. Choose Service
  6. Enter your Contact and Billing Information.
  7. Select “Place Order”. Placing your order will activate your service immediately. Your Starlink service statement will generate automatically every 30 days.
  8. If unsuccessful contact support.

Note: At this time, Brazil and Nigeria accounts are unable to add more than one service line per account.


  • Standard and Priority service plan activations are not possible in areas at full capacity. You can view Starlink’s service availability map on If there is no capacity in the area, there will be the option to activate with a Mobile type service plan.
  • Activating Standard or Mobile service plans in an existing Business type account is not supported.
  • Activating a Starlink for use in a different country than the country used upon original account sign up is not supported.
  • Service will not be activated for Starlinks currently assigned to an existing account.

Note: If your service address is based on positional coordinates, enter the plus code as the service address. Steps to determine a plus code below

  1. Copy positional coordinates + paste into Google.
  2. Click on the map.
  3. Copy the indicated plus code.
  4. Paste into service address field in the “Add Service Line” box in the dashboard.
  5. Select option from the drop down.

Once these steps are complete, your Starlink will be active. You will be billed for the associated subscription on your next bill.

You can review and manage your new service line in the “Dashboard” tab under “Manage”. The “Manage” option allows you to remove/add a Starlink and deactivate/cancel a service line.

Follow these steps if you need to add multiple Starlinks to an existing service line:

  1. In the Dashboard of your account portal, select “Manage” to the right of your service line
  2. Select “Add Starlink” under the subscription information on the left of your screen
  3. Input the Starlink iD, Starlink Serial Number, or Kit Serial Number to add your Starlink

activate Starlink

How can I activate a Starlink using API?

To activate a Starlink via API follow the steps below:

  1. POST an address
  2. GET available subscription products
  3. POST a service line
  4. GET a user terminal ID from the paginated list (ensure this is the exact terminal being used at the address indicated in step 1)
  5. POST a user terminal ID to the service line

Note: API access is available for Starlink Authorized Resellers or Larger Business/Enterprise Customers in order to manage accounts, user terminals, and service.

How do I deactivate/cancel a service line using the dashboard?

To deactivate/cancel a service line in the dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Starlink dashboard
  2. Locate the Starlink you wish to deactivate/cancel and select the “Manage” button
  3. From the drop down options for the indicated service line select “Cancel Service Line”
  4. Select “Yes” to complete the cancellation. Once complete, billing for the indicated service line will end. Service will continue until the end of the current billing cycle

Note: When deactivating/cancelling a service line, you will not be billed for that service line on your next billing day of the month. All Starlinks on that service line will get service until the day before the next billing day of the month.

Never remove all Starlinks from your service line before you have deactivated/canceled the service line. If you do not cancel your service line, but remove your Starlinks, you will continue to be billed for service.

How do I reactivate service?

To view instructions on how to activate service for a Starlink purchased from an authorized retailer or transferred from a third party, click here.

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Under “Your Starlinks”, click “Manage”
  3. Click “Activate Service”
  4. Select your service plan

To activate your service, you have the option of picking your previous plan or choosing a new one. Note: some plans might not be available.

Limitations of reactivation:

  • Availability – The ability to reactivate Standard and Priority service is dependent on capacity in the area. You can view Starlink’s service availability map on If there is no capacity in the area, there will be the option to reactivate with a Mobile type service plan.
  • Unauthorized retailer/reseller – we are unable to activate service for a Starlink that has been purchased from an unauthorized retailer or reseller.
  • Country Moves – We do not support Starlink reactivation in a different country at this time. To use Starlink in a different country, you must create an account in the desired country.

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