Activate PAX Badge | Registration – PAX East – Paxsite

Activate PAX Badge | Registration – PAX East – Paxsite

You can Activate your PAX Badge by login to the webpage and the click on Registration Buy Badges. Virtually all content at PAX East is accessible through the badge. There are no extra fees for the biggest panels, autograph sessions, demos, or even concerts. One badge is all you need to get in and enjoy pretty much everything the show has to offer.


If you’d like information on exhibiting at PAX please drop us a line at pa******@pa*****.com"}">pa******@pa*****.com. Please include your company name, first and last name, and what you’d be looking to show at PAX. As much information you can provide is helpful!

Media Registration for PAX East is now closed. If you have questions about your media application, please email pa*******@pa*****.com"}">pa*******@pa*****.com

Where and How do I sign up for tournaments?

It depends on the tournament! Most events are first-come, first-served at 9:00am (one hour before PAX East opens). Other events are pre-registered through the app, and still others are managed by exhibitors who may have their own rules of admission. The best advice is to look up the event in our mobile app for details specific to any single event.

PAX is a show for all-ages and we flag certain things in the schedule as 13+.


I bought a badge from Stubhub/eBay/Reddit/Facebook. Is it legit?

Impossible to say for sure, but we really don’t recommend you go that route whenever possible. If you have to, remember there’s always a chance you’re going to get taken advantage of and if that happens, there’s nothing we can do for you as we have no part in the sale. All we can say is make sure that all badges you buy are made of plastic (not cardboard), and look for a holographic etching on the badge (not a sticker). But again, we strongly urge you to only buy badges directly from this site, it’s the only way to be sure.

Once badges sell out, they are gone for good, so if you are sure you want to attend it’s always best to get them as early as you can. Each PAX website has a badge availability screen to show you when we’re sold out or running low.

You can email pa**********@re******.com"}">pa**********@re******.com any time before the Badge Mailing Deadline to make edits to your mailing address. After the BMD, we’re unable to make any changes to your address so your best bet would be through standard Change of Address procedures with the Post Office.

The convention center is completely wheelchair accessible, but you may also want to pick up a medical badge to hopefully make life just a little extra easier on you. Shoot an email to pa**********@re******.com"}">pa**********@re******.com and they’ll fill you in on the details.  If you’d like to rent a scooter for the event, please contact Jason Pound at ja***@fh*******.com"}">ja***@fh*******.com.




There is another world beyond what you can see…The World of Arcadia! Scattered around the show, you’ll see a series of stations with the PAX XP Logo. Tap your badges at them all to unlock a narrative. If you can unlock every chapter, swing by the Info Booth in the main lobby to collect a mystery prize! Keep in mind, these stations won’t work unless you activate your badge so start there!


Upon registering for PAX XP, you’ll be automatically drafted to either Team Gabe or Team Tycho. Battle head to head for points by collecting as many stops as you can! At the end of the show, the winning team is announced and 1 lucky member of the team has a chance to win a pair of 4-Day Badges to PAX East 2023!


Around the show, you’ll find PAX XP branded kiosks where you can take an automated photo with fun branding to easily share online. Get started at the first one located in the Main Lobby at the giant PAX East logo!


Win swag and prizes from some of the sponsored stations around the show! All you have to do is scan your bag at the station to be entered for a chance to win.