Activate My Card – ESL Federal Credit Union | How to Activate ESL Card

Activate My Card – ESL Federal Credit Union | How to Activate ESL Card

The ESL Visa Credit Card offers an incredible 0% Intro APR for a full 12 months, then a low ongoing rate of 9.00%-17.99% APR—an ideal option for debt consolidation. There’s more money to be saved with no balance transfer or cash advance fees. You also get easy account management with online and mobile banking. And Visa’s worldwide convenience for shopping anywhere, anytime.

Features & Benefits


Low rates and no balance transfer fees set the ESL Visa Credit Card apart from the rest.

  • Save money with our 0% Intro APR for 12 months.
  • Save even more with our low ongoing rate of 9.00%-17.99% APR.
  • No annual fees.
  • No fees for balance transfers.
  • Transaction alerts keep you posted on your account activity when you enroll through online banking.
  • You can use your ESL Visa Credit Card with your Digital Wallet preference at hundreds and thousands of stores and participating apps.
  • Get the powerful protection of the Visa Zero Liability Policy.
  • Plus, your average monthly outstanding balances are eligible for our Owners’ Dividend.

Activate My ESL Federal Credit Union Card

Easily activate your ESL credit card using Mobile or Online Banking.

  • You must be a Mobile/Online Banking user to activate your card online. If you don’t use Mobile/Online Banking, signing up is easy.
  • If you are using a mobile device and have the ESL Mobile app downloaded, the mobile banking app will open and you will be prompted to sign in through the app.

How to Activate

Log into Mobile or Online Banking to activate your card.


Online Banking

You may activate your credit card by navigating to My Cards & Rewards (found under ‘I’d like to…’), click on ‘Activate,’ and follow the steps.

Mobile Banking

You may activate your credit card by navigating to My Cards & Rewards (found under ‘More’), tap ‘Activate,’ and follow the steps.

Here are more important details about the ESL Visa Credit Card:

• Credit lines are available from $500 to $25,000

• To activate your card, please call 800.527.7728

• To report a lost or stolen ESL Visa Credit Card, call 800.449.7728

• Call 585.336.1140 or 888.353.9920 during normal business hours to speak to a member of the ESL Fraud team. To contact us after hours, please call 800.754.4128.

• Maximum daily ATM withdrawal: $600

• No prepayment penalties

Additional Payment Information

If you have a balance on your ESL Visa Credit Card, your minimum payment will be 2.0% of the outstanding balance with a $30 minimum payment.

To help you simplify budgeting and financial management, your monthly payment is due on the same date each month. You can choose from a variety of convenient payment options:

• Automatic debits from your checking or savings account at ESL or any financial institution

• In mobile banking: Use “Transfers” to transfer money from your ESL Checking or Savings account to your credit card

• In online banking: When you view your credit card information, look for the “Pay” button

• By mail

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