Activate Chase Debit Card Online : Activate Chase Card Number

Activate Chase Debit Card Online : Activate Chase Card Number

There are three ways to activate your chase debit card, these are.

  • By Phone
  • Online
  • At an ATM

Found out below, on how to activate them these ways.


Firstly, once you receive your Chase debit card (it should come in a hidden plan white envelope but could also be in a small box). It should have a sticker on the card which says something along the lines of “please call to activate your card”. Here you’ll contact this number with the mobile number you signed the card up with.

It will ask for some of your personal information which you used to sign up for your Chase debit card just to confirm it’s you and for safety reasons. It may also ask if you want to activate any bonuses, although you can set this up later or the next quarter now is the perfect time to decide.

After you’ve gone through the process, they will confirm your card is active. Remove the sticker so you just have the card and sign the back of it.


Secondly, the next way to do it is online. People find this easier due to being able to read what the activation process is. First, you need to head over to the Chase website. If you’ve to activate an account I assume that you haven’t got a Chase account.

On this page click “Not enrolled” and go through the sign-up process. They will ask for your credit card number, billing address, email, phone number, and social security or tax number.

Now you’ve signed up you have access to their online customer area. Here, click “My Accounts” in the top left-hand corner. Select the credit card that you need to activate a message will come up asking you to activate the card. When this pop’s up click “activate”. Afterward, sign your card and remove any stickers or outer packaging.

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The last option and possibly the easiest and most commonly used. Is to use your Chase debit card on an ATM. Once you have received your debit card, you’ll also receive your pin in a separate envelope. When you have both your card and your pin number you can go to an ATM and activate it by using it. As simple as that.

Hope this helps.