Abandoned Cave Elden Ring Location : How To Get to the Abandoned Cave Elden Ring | MAP

Abandoned Cave Elden Ring Location : How To Get to the Abandoned Cave Elden Ring | MAP

This abandoned cavern in Elden Ring can be found in Caelid.

The entrance is cleverly concealed, and the most direct route to it is along the “Schwelender Wall,” an area known for its beauty.

Travel to the gorge located to the east or slightly northeast:

As you descend to the root below, look for a spot to jump across to the other side, where the cave entrance awaits.

Enables the Abandoned Cave’s Place of Mercy and causes the player to fall into the dangerous cavern. The Scarlet Rot metre is updated instantly. You can approach the sleeping kidnapper damsel on the left and flee from it on the right, earning you 1x Dragon Wound Grease in the process. To the left of the bride, it persists. To lower the bar, rest for a while first.

In this case, the item below serves as an excellent bow.

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The snake bow is located in a room with more geysers and a dormant spinster, on the floor near the entrance.

When inserting the bow, you should first flatten the right-side scion of rot. Next, proceed through the tunnel to the south.

Once you’ve dispatched the lone rat and the scion of rot hiding behind it, you’ll find a body guarded by two more rats, a 2x fire fat.

The rotting flowers and mouldy sprouts in this chamber will make your life miserable. There’s a Miranda flower propped up on two rungs in the next, larger area you’ll reach via the tunnel. Before you even think about destroying the flowers, you should focus on these two.

You can locate the claw snake tooth on the ledge behind the charred bones of a kidnapped damsel on the left side of this area.

In this case, the stakes are even higher.

The cave’s boss can be reached via the doorway hidden behind the two rotted rungs.

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Purerot Knight is the boss around here (Spear and Sickle) A spear-wielding Purerot Knight opens the battle. It’s not like we’ve never met before.

Purerot Knights appear frequently throughout the game, first as a boss in the Liurnia Stillwater Cave and then as run-of-the-mill foes in later areas like Elphael, the Halig Tree’s structural support.

Purerot Knights aren’t too difficult to deal with; if you need additional information on the various attacks, you can find it on the relevant pages.

There is a second knight who appears at around the halfway point of the life bar and attacks with a glowing sickle.

The knight’s forces double about the halfway point. Give all of your attention to eliminating the battered knight as soon as possible. Then you’ll be able to single out the other and deal with them more effectively.

Scarlet blight shouldn’t be too much of an issue here because the arena is big enough and the subsoil is only infected in a few spots.

7000 runes and a gold scarab as a reward (talisman). The next level is Elden Ring, which leads to Sellia’s Seal Prison.

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