9th Day Navratri 2022 Images: Navami Navratri 2022 Maa Sidhidatri Pooja, Colour List, Images

9th Day Navratri 2022 Images: Navami Navratri 2022 Maa Sidhidatri Pooja, Colour List, Images

On the last day of the festival also known as Navami, people pray to Siddhidhatri. Sitting on a lotus, she is believed to possess and bestows all types of Siddhis. Here she has four hands. Also known as Saraswati Devi. The light blue color of the day portrays an admiration towards nature’s beauty.

Navratri 9th Day : Maa Sidhidatri

Mantra : Om Devi Siddhidatriye Namah

Navratri 9th Day Colour : PINK


The worship of Siddhidatri, the ninth Navaratri deity, comes after the devotion of the other navaratrikas. On Maha Navami, Durga is honoured in her role as Mahishasurmardini. Legend has it that Durga put an end to the evil Mahishasura on Maha Navami. Half of Shiva’s body became that of Goddess by Siddhidatri’s blessing. This is why devotees began referring to Shiva as Ardhanarishvara.

Day 9: Maa Sidhidatri

Shri Durga has nine incarnations, and Mata Shri Siddhidatri is the ninth. She is known as Siddhidatri because she bestows siddhis of every sort. By Goddess Siddhidatri’s favour, Lord Shiva had also achieved these numerous siddhis. Half of Shiva’s body changed into a goddess’s by Siddhidatri’s blessing. This is why devotees began referring to Shiva as Ardhanarishvara.

She holds a conch shell in her lower right hand, a mace on her upper left, a lotus flower in her upper right, and a chakra in her lower right hand. Siddhidatri is a name derived from this meaning. With the blessings of Siddhidatri, a goddess endowed with the eight siddhis of Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishitva, and Vashitva, a seeker of salvation can achieve success in acquiring any and all siddhis.

When a devotee does what Mother asks, she instantly smiles and opens the doors to Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Devotees should direct their thoughts and energy on the Nirvana Chakra on the ninth day of Navratri. A person’s crown chakra can be found at the top of their head. Doing so, by the grace of Mother Siddhidatri, grants devotees access to the power stored in their Nirvana Chakra.


सेव्यमाना सदा भूयात सिद्धिदा सिद्धिदायिनी||

Siddhagandha vyakshadyairsurairmarairpi
sevyamana sada bhuyat siddhida siddhidayini॥

Goddess Maa Sidhidatri

अमल कमल संस्था तद्रज:पुंजवर्णा, कर कमल धृतेषट् भीत युग्मामबुजा च।

मणिमुकुट विचित्र अलंकृत कल्प जाले; भवतु भुवन माता संत्ततम सिद्धिदात्री नमो नम:।

ओम देवी सिद्धिदात्र्यै नमः।

Prayer of Maa Sidhidatri :

सिद्ध गन्धर्व यक्षाद्यैरसुरैरमरैरपि।

सेव्यमाना सदा भूयात् सिद्धिदा सिद्धिदायिनी

9th Navratri Day 2022 Images

Maa Sidhidatri 2


Maa Sidhidatri

Maa Sidhidatri 1

Nine Colours Of Navratri 2022

Navratri Colors in 2021

Colours List for Navaratri 2022


White is the colour for Day 1, which is a symbol of peace and purity. Hindus worship Goddess Brahmacharini on this day.


People wear red colour on the third day of Navratri. It signifies beauty and fearlessness. Hindus worship Goddess Chandraghanta on this day.


The colour of the third day of Navratri is royal blue. This colour is considered good for health and wealth. Hindus worship Goddess Kushmanda on this day.


People wear the colour yellow on the fourth day of the festival. The colour stands for happiness and brightness. Hindus worship Goddess Skandamata on Day 1.


This colour of the fifth day signifies new beginnings and growth. Hindus worship Goddess Katyayani on Day 5.


The colour of the sixth day is grey, a colour which stands for the strength of transforming. Hindus worship Goddess Kalaratri on Day 6 and this day is called the Tritiya.


The festival begins with the bright and vibrant Orange. This colour signifies energy and happiness. Hindus worship Goddess Shailputri on this day

DAY 8 – Peacock Green

The eight-day is dedicated to Goddess Mahagauri. This form of Goddess Durga has the power to fulfil all the desires of her devotees. The one who worships this form of the Devi gets relief from all the sufferings in life. This day is associated with pink colour which represents hope, self-refinement and social upliftment.


Called Ashtami, many people perform Kanjaks on this day. The colour of the day, purple, signifies the power of intellect and peace. People worship Goddess Mahagauri on this day.

The 9-day festival commences on Vijayadashami or Dussehra, which is the tenth day of the festivities. Dussehra as we all know signifies the victory of good over evil. However, the stories vary from region to region. People from the South, East and North-east celebrate this day as the victory of Maa Durga – also known as Durga Puja.

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