947 Competitions : http //www.947.co.za/competitions/

947 Competitions : http //www.947.co.za/competitions/


You are Huawei Joburg Day. That’s exactly why we want you to choose the line-up. Tell us the South African artist you want to see on the line-up and we’ll bring all your favourite performers together for one star-studded show. Your selection could get you R2 500 courtesy of Huawei and 947.


Experience nova inspires Huawei Joburg Day with 947 free on 947.co.za, live on air, and for a limited audience. You are Huawei Joburg Day. You are nova. Own it!

#HuaweiJoburgDay #novaIsYou #Huaweinova8 #947Joburg

947 Competitions
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Win R5000 Cash with Nescafé Ricoffy and Nestlé Cremora

When it comes to a match made in heaven, there’s nothing more iconic than NESCAFÉ RICOFFY AND NESTLÉ CREMORA.

And now we want to put all perfect pairs to the ultimate test by giving away R5 000 cash.

So, whether its bae, your mom, dad, sister, brother or bestie, register you and your perfect match below.

Then catch Anele & the Club every Friday morning from 6am. Because we could be calling you both back to play the ultimate Perfect Pair quiz, LIVE, for your chance to win with NESCAFÉ RICOFFY AND NESTLÉ CREMORA.

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Win Up To R10 000 Cash in the Pop Quiz with Standard Bank & 947

Just imagine winning up to R10 000 cash – Every. Single. Morning. Well, you can stop dreaming, because with The R10 000 Pop Quiz, brought to you by Standard Bank, It Can Be.

That’s 10 Questions. 60 seconds. And up to 10 Grand for the taking – every weekday morning.

But you gotta be in it to win it! So, enter now by filling out the form below. Then catch Anele & The Club weekdays from 6am.

We could be calling you back for your shot at the big time and a chance of winning up to R10 000 cash in The R10 000 Pop Quiz.

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With Standard Bank – It Can Be. On 947.

To Enter the Competition , Please Visit

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