75th Independence Day Speech in English for Class 4 : Happy Independance Day 2021 Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Messages

75th Independence Day Speech in English for Class 4 :

Hi Good Morning Friends, 


We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of our country’s independence today. Every year on August 15th, we in India celebrate our nation’s independence. India became free from British colonial rule on this day in 1947. Countless great people gave their lives for the country’s freedom. Many people, including Mahatma Gandhi, were also in attendance. Gandhi played a significant role in ending British rule over India. The tricolour was raised in Delhi on this day when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did so. There are speeches held in all federal government buildings on this day. Many educational institutions operate various programmes.

Independence Day is widely celebrated across India on August 15th.

We are living life in a free India today, but we cannot even conceive of the difficulty that the Indians had in removing the British from the country. The countless freedom fighters who lost their lives fighting for Indian freedom. We must not forget the courageous soldiers who fought for our country’s freedom. At a young age, he gave his life for the independence of India.

Because of our ancestors, we now have peace and happiness in our lives. The reason we can enjoy today’s life is because of the freedom fighters of our country. The United States is the world’s largest democratic country today.

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Of course, we are free. But we have to remember our responsibilities. As citizens, we have a responsibility to fulfil our obligations to our country. In addition, it is our collective responsibility to steer our country in the direction of progress, as well as to bring honour to the country’s name.

For everyone in India, today is important. Although living like a slave is excruciating, this day is celebrated all over India with joy and enthusiasm because there are so many negative aspects to that lifestyle.

Our country and we are free today, which means we can do anything.

We should promise that we will always serve our country and strengthen our country, today on the occasion of Independence Day.

Second  speech:

My name is Anup and I want to wish you a happy Independence Day.

I will be speaking on this festive occasion about the significance of Independence Day.

Independence Day is August 15th. About 75 years ago, on this day, India finally gained its independence by breaking the shackles of British colonialism.

Indian students showed the British a lesson by defeating them in a football match. Independence Day is celebrated as a national festival by all of India every year following the first Prime Minister of independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who raised the Indian flag at the Red Fort on this day.

independence day5

The story of our freedom is long and complex, so it cannot be fully explained in a single day. While it’s true that the British are in our country because of trade, it’s only a pretense. Gradually, he was able to bring everything under control. We have been held in slavery.

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For these reasons, many brave soldiers and great leaders of our country took up arms against the British and fought many battles to free themselves and their countrymen from British control. Many soldiers and leaders of the United States had to serve time in prison, endure injustices at the hands of the British, and even face combat, but they did not yield. Agreed.

Thousands of heroic patriots lost their lives in the struggle for freedom, but some Indians were anxiously awaiting the day that it all came to an end. The day of August 15, 1947, was a momentous one. This day, India overcame the shackles of British slavery and embraced the freedom of the air.

While we can never forget the struggle and sacrifice that came before us, we will never forget those who sacrificed everything for our freedom. They continue to be worshiped today.

There is great enthusiasm all across India for this national festival today. We’re happy and proud today. India is well known throughout the world as a strong country, and we must uphold this reputation to help our country.

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