502 Bad Gateway Spotify : How do I fix 502 Bad gateway Spotify?

502 Bad Gateway Spotify : How do I fix 502 Bad gateway Spotify?

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Please try this:

1. Run Ccleaner or clear your cookies and cache from your browser and try again or

2. Go to your account, go to subscriptions and payment, payment methods. Then click on another payment method.

I was having this problem, I found out that I had my old Debit card put in, so Spotify tried to do the payment via that which didn’t work. As soon as I changed that payment method to something else it asked me for a payment method, which I chose PayPal.

So.. Go to your account.. change the payment method by clicking on something else like Paypal. Then try again and it should ask you for a payment method, because it would”ve removed the default payment method which isn’t working for us.


There were reports that Spotify was down for users Thursday morning.

Many account holders were encountering a “502 Bad Gateway” server error or a “request timeout” message when they tried to access the web player at www.spotify.com/us.

DownDetector indicates dozens of reports started coming in about 6:30 a.m. Thursday. The outage map shows the largest concentration of Spotify outage reports in Europe.

Spotify is a audio streaming service that originated in Sweden in 2006.

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