17track https //www.17track.net/en | All-in-one package tracking

17track https //www.17track.net/en | All-in-one package tracking

For a long time, 17TRACK has been misunderstood as a shipping company or an online store, and people keep coming to us complaining about lost deliveries and scams. At first, there were some, and later on, more and more people are getting confused about our role.

Angry consumers leave bad reviews for us in different places, and we had to face this awkward situation where we are charged for something we are not guilty of. So here 17track are, making this public letter, to make things right

Right now, you must be thinking: If you are not a shipping company, what else can you be? They gave me a link to your website and a tracking number! Well, well, bear with me for a moment. We will get to that. Actually, we’ve prepared a series of articles later to explain the situation

Who are 17track and what do 17track do?

17track are a group of passionate people with different expertise aiming at one shared goal: to make the international shipping process more accessible and traceable for anyone who wants to know “where is my package”

The founders of 17TRACK were some of the earliest pioneers in the international e-commerce business in China. Think about it. Almost 10 years ago, the world wasn’t as connected and digital as it is now. It was quite an endeavor to track packages sent to different countries with various shipping carriers

So, a simple idea came out: what if we build a tool to display package info from different carriers and show them in one place? In this way, people don’t need to go through all the trouble visiting different carriers’ websites to track their packages. That’s the birth of 17TRACK, and ever since, we’ve been working towards that goal.

How does it work?

Yes, it is legit. But probably not the way you think it is. Simply put, 17track do not deliver your package, nor do we sell any goods to you from any store. 17track are an information provider specialized in shipment tracking. 17track have various levels of service, free or paid, for both everyday consumers and enterprise users.

17TRACK Website Instruction Manual – Help Center

How do 17track track the package for you?

It’s simple. 17track are not the source of the tracking info. What 17track do is to act as a third party and carry the info from various sources to our website, without adding extra interpretation, nor any change of the content, for the sake of 100% authenticity to the origin. The info fundamentally comes from the carriers, who ship your orders. Here is an example that helps you understand our role

It’s like when you search on Google. Say, you want to find some articles to read, and it gives you the results to choose from. Then you pick one and start to read. Not in a few minutes, you find the article to be boring and you have to stop. You may be like, “oh man, the author could work on the writing skills.” But you don’t blame Google, right? Because the search engine has no say in how people write an article. The same goes for our service. Since we are not the ones who create the tracking info, we don’t get to control the content. The carriers are the source

If so, how can you get your package back or get a refund? If your package is not delivered, the best way is to contact your seller or the shipping company. If you don’t know how to contact the carrier, we are more than happy to help. We will also create more articles on this topic. Don’t forget, you are always welcome to find our service team at se**@17*****.net