123.hp.com/setup – Download Printer Software – hp123.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup – Download Printer Software – hp123.com/setup

123.hp.com/setup – Install and download HP Printer driver software for HP printer setup. Before you scanning a documents into your devices with a 123.hp.com/setup scanner, you need to install the printer scanner driver so that your Printer scanner and devices can communicate. Start by connecting the printer setup scanner to your devices with USB port.

How to download and install HP printer drivers from 123.hp.com/setup?

  1. Switch on the HP printer and computer

  2. Open web browser and type 123.hp.com/setup

    • Make sure to install cartridges, load paper, and power on the printer. Click Download to get the recommended software for your printer.

  3. Enter HP Printer model number in the space provided

  4. Choose the printer driver

  5. Click on download button

  6. Go to the downloaded folder and run the software file to install the drivers

US Driver setup offers the recent version of printer drivers and software in a click as in 123.hp.com. You may avail of the latest version of printer drivers, software, and firmware for both Windows and MAC. Also, we offer the instructions for installing the downloaded drivers to your Windows or MAC PC.


  1. Turn on your printer.

  2. Open printer control and click on wireless icon.

  3. The wizard searches and displays a list of available networks.

  4. Select the name of your network to complete the connection. If needed, download the HP wireless software.

  5. Enter the SSID of your home network and password and connect your Printer to the wireless network at 123.hp.com/setup.

  6. The printer can also be connected directly to your router using the WPS button. Press the WPS button on your Router and printer to connect your HP printer directly to the home

123 HP Printer Driver Installation

  1. You can install the printer without the requirement of software

  2. Use the drivers built into the windows operating system

  3. The windows print driver provides basic functionality for printers

  4. Disconnect any USB cables to your printer

  5. Under ‘Change Device Installation Settings’ click on ‘Yes’ and save your changes

  6. Connect your printer with a USB cable or through the local network and install the 123.hp.com/setup printer driver with the help of the ‘Add a Printer’ Wizard

Installation of the Printer Driver for Mac OS

  1. Install the driver in the Mac OS X using the Apple Software update

  2. Under ‘System Preferences’ choose ‘Printers & Scanners’

  3. From the printer list, click on the ‘minus’ sign to delete the printer first and then ‘plus’ sign to add it back

  4. Click ‘Add’ to complete the addition of the printer

  5. You will be prompted to install the software for which you can click on ‘Download and Install’

Installation of the Printer Driver on smartphone

  1. To install the printer on your smartphone, first, determine the name of the network on which you have configured your printer

  2. Connect your mobile device to the same network – for this, you just have to go to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings and find the network

  3. Once you do, you are ready to print.

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