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Hydraulic Elevators

Published on Feb 28, 2024


The hydraulic elevators, are distinguished of the other ones because they take a piston that inside she has oil, and it is what propels him to be able to ascend.


TThe machine that takes this full with oil, and when the hydraulic elevator wants to lower, the machine absorbs the oil that is in that moment in the piston and in that instant it begins to lower down. This maneuver type is advisable for buildings with few heights, although they can also settle in buildings that they have more heights.

The advantage of these types of hydraulic elevators, is that they don't need room of machines up of the hole, since the hydraulic group can settle below or where more suits to the community of neighbors, although it is recommended that this installed near the hole of the elevator, to avoid possible yield decreases. There are two types of hydraulic elevators that are: with direct drive or with differential drive.

Those of direct drive, if the hole doesn't arrive to the 4 meters it is necessary that in the hole of the elevator he/she has moat, since the piston will go installed there.

Then those of differential drive that settle in journeys are of more than 4 meters, this installation type doesn't need to have moat, since the piston settles in a lateral of the hole. This type of hydraulic elevators, is advisable if he/she settles for more stopped of floors

These two types of elevators work to two speeds, for what the stops of floors become softer. The types of booth doors and of external, they can vary it depends on each company, but they can put on it depends on the space of the hole, with automatic, semiautomatic doors, or doors jambs.

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