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Postby Prasanth » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:53 pm

Can we imagine the life without electrical wires? From now answer to this question is yes. The method proposed in the present paper called “Witricity “will facilitate to Transfer power without using wires. The efficient midrange power can be transmitted to any device which uses that range of power by the technique used in this Witricity concept. Now a days there is a Rapid development of autonomous electronics like Laptops, Cell-phones, House-hold robots and all the above devices typically rely on chemical energy storage(Battery) .As they are becoming daily needs to present generation, Wireless energy transfer would be useful for many applications as above and they need midrange energy. This is the main reason to prepare this paper. When two Magnetically Resonating objects at “Strongly coupled” regime tend to exchange energy efficiently by transfer of power in the non-radiating fields. This is the basic principle involved in it. By taking two coils having same magnetic resonance and one is coupled to source and other is coupled to Device. So that the energy transfer is efficient even the air gap between them is high. This paper describes the basic history of wireless power transmission, what are Magnetic resonance and strongly coupled regime, Experimental design, Range and rate of coupling (coupling calculations) and Design of parameters and Simulation

History of Wireless power:

Wireless power transmission is not new for us. Various methods of Transmitting power wirelessly have been known for centuries. In 1899, Sir Nikola Tesla proposed a method to transmit energy over long distances wirelessly using Electromagnetic radiation principle, but such radiation is excellent for wireless transmission of Information, it is not feasible to Power transmission. Since radiation spreads in all directions, a vast majority of power would end up being wasted into free space. So radioactive modes of omni directional antennas are not suitable for the Power transfer. Directed radiation modes like Lasers or highly-directional antennas can be efficiently used for energy transfer even for long distances but require existence of an uninterruptible line-of-sight and a complicated tracking system in the case of mobile objects and also not Eco friendly. So these procedures are insufficient to Wireless power transmission. There is another new procedure called “WITRICITY--Wireless Electricity” which is for Midrange energy transfer. This method is mainly based on the transmission of magnetic energy by taking two Magnetically Resonant objects in Strongly Coupled regime. The source and load are coupled to the coils which are magnetically resonant and transmit energy in the magnetic form in strongly coupled regime. Because they are in magnetic resonance, there is no possibility of external disturbances.
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