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Wireless Intrusion Detection

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Wireless Intrusion Detection

Postby Prasanth » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:32 pm

With the popularity of wireless communication application in a wide range of industry and daily life, it is more and more important to solve security problems of wireless local area network (WLAN). In this paper, we propose a new architecture of Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) for IEEE 802.11 wireless infrastructure networks. The WIDS detect man-in-the-middle attacks by analyzing the channel gap. Moreover, it can defense the SYN flood attack. The results indicate that the WIDS proposed in this paper is superior at precisely detecting a man-in-the middle attack and successfully protecting AP from SYN Flood attack than other existing approaches. network security is in many ways similar to physical security in that no one technology serves all needs—rather, a layered defense provides the best results.

Organizations are increasingly looking to additional security technologies to counter risk and vulnerability that firewalls alone cannot address. A network-based intrusion detection system (IDS) provides around-the-clock network surveillance. An IDS analyzes packet data streams within a network, searching for unauthorized activity, such as attacks by hackers, and enabling users to respond to security breaches before systems are compromised. With the explosion of the public Internet and e-commerce, private computers, and computer networks, if not adequately secured, are increasingly vulnerable to damaging attacks. Hackers, viruses, vindictive employees and even human error all represent clear and present dangers to networks. And all computer users, from the most casual Internet surfers to large enterprises, could be affected by network security breaches.
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