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Postby maheshbabukumar » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:20 pm

hi please send the synopsis and ppt for this ieee paper............
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Postby Prasanth » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:04 pm

Data centers play a key role in the expansion of cloud computing. However, the efficiency of data center networks (DCNs) is limited by oversubscription. The typical unbalanced traffic distributions of a DCN further aggravate the problem. Wireless networking as a complement technology to Ethernet, has the flexibility and capability to provide feasible approaches to handle the problem. In this article, we analyze the challenges of DCNs and articulate the motivations of employing wireless in DCNs. We also propose a hybrid Ethernet/wireless DCN architecture and a mechanism to dynamically schedule wireless transmissions based on traffic demands. Our simulation study demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed wireless DCN.

Wireless data center networking is first introduced by ,in which flyways are established by adding wireless links between ToRs to alleviate the congestion problem of hot racks to minimize the maximum transmission time. However, no technical approaches are detailed to address various issues faced by a practical realization of a wireless DCN.A hybrid Ethernet/wireless architecture is proposed and a distributed scheduling is investigated to arrange the wireless links. In our scheduling mechanism, we model the new infrastructure and formulate an optimization problem, for which a heuristic algorithm is designed. We also conduct a simulation study to demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing wireless transmissions in data centers

Wireless DCN Architecture

As mentioned above, a wireless DCN architecture should satisfy the basic requirements of DCNs, including scalability, high capacity, and fault-tolerance. Nevertheless, it is difficult for a wireless network itself alone to meet all the demands. For example, the capacity of wireless links is usually limited due to the interference and high transmission overhead. Thus wireless networks could not be employed to entirely substitute the Ethernet. Since our motivation of introducing wireless transmissions is to alleviate the congestion of hot servers, we take wireless communications as the supplement to wired transmissions. The main idea of our approach is to add extra wireless links to the existing Ethernet topology to construct a hybrid Ethernet/wireless architecture

Reference :
Full report available at ... orking.pdf

Index Terms—Wireless Data center networking, wireless communications, network architecture, algorithm design
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