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Solar Cars

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Re: Solar Cars

Postby saqkhan18 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 8:54 am

I want full ppt and report , can u please mail it to I want by 20-02-2016 plz...
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Re: Solar Cars

Postby sourav9126 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:26 pm

Hi,,,admin pls send me the full ppt and report on my email id :- please it urgent.
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Re: Solar Cars

Postby pankaj1226 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:58 pm

Prasanth wrote:
The project is solar vehicle we are using a solar energy as a source of energy in our project. Nowadays, we are experiencing an electricity scarcity we are experiencing a Lead in shortage too. So the battery manufacturing cost and resulting end user prices are sky high also a shortage of batteries in the market. We are also experiencing a hike in fuel prices considerably, is bound to go on as time pass by as soon we will be shortage of fuel too. There is an emphasis on using fuel appreciably but nobody is taking care of it.

But we are at least taking the consideration of it and with this we are trying to put a novel concept in the market.Government is also promoting the use of renewable energy in each of every operation. The biggest option to replace the conventional theory of fuel operation, can be replaced by the battery based theory, is environment friendly too.The only problem associated with the battery based technique is it needs to be recharged and the charging time is considerable high.
So it can’t replace the fuel completely, if we are thinking of using the battery based vehicle for conveyance. The other problem associated with the battery vehicle is the battery weight takes the maximum weight of the total weight of the vehicle.

So it needs to be reduced because it directly affects the performance of the vehicle. As due to more weight its mileage will be on shorter side due to maximum weight, if we reduce the weight the mileage will improve many folds easily in one charge.The fact is the battery charging is done using the electricity so in all sense we are using electricity. We are eliminating these necessities to some extend, As in our vehicle we are using the solar energy for operation as we are blessed with at least 300 days a total sunlight.

And we are using the Capacitor as a source of storage of charge rather than the battery, this in effect will reduce the dead weight of the vehicle and reduce the weight of the vehicle considerably and improve the performance but we are not using the battery so we are using the solar panel to power the motor used in the vehicle and the capacitor bank as a source of temporary storage. We will have a system which will continuously scan the capacitor bank and charging the capacitor bank and the charge is discharged into the motor directly. As the charge is stored momentarily the wattage requirement reduces considerably and yielding a better result.

Solar Cars

The first solar car invented was a tiny 15-inch vehicle created by William G. Cobb of General Motors. Called the Sun mobile, Cobb showcased the first solar car at the Chicago Powerama convention on August 31, 1955. The solar car was made up 12 selenium photovoltaic cells and a small Pooley electric motor turning a pulley which in turn rotated the rear wheel shaft. The first solar car in history was obviously too small to drive as shown in fig.2.1.

Now let's jump to 1962 when the first solar car that a person could drive was demonstrated to the public. The International Rectifier Company converted a vintage model 1912 Baker electric car (pictured above) to run on photovoltaic energy in 1958, but they didn't show it until 4 years later. Around 10,640 individual solar cells were mounted to the rooftop of the Baker to help propel it.

In 1977, Alabama University professor Ed Passereni built the Bluebird solar car, which was a prototype full scale vehicle. The Bluebird was supposed to move from power created by the photovoltaic cells only without the use of a battery. The Bluebird was exhibited in the Knoxville, TN 1982 World's Fair.

Between 1977 and 1980 (the exact dates are not known for sure), at Tokyo Denki University, professor Masaharu Fujita first created a solar bicycle, then a 4-wheel solar car. The car was actually two solar bicycles put together.

In 1979 Englishman Alain Freeman invented a solar car (pictured right). He road registered the same vehicle in 1980. The Freeman solar car was a 3-wheeler with a solar panel on the roof.

At the engineering department at Tel Aviv University in Israel, Arye Braunstein and his colleagues created a solar car in 1980 (pictured below). The solar car had a solar panel on the hood and on the roof of the Citicar comprised of 432 cells creating 400 watts of peak power. The solar car used 8 batteries of 6 volts each to store the photovoltaic energy.
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Re: Solar Cars

Postby Aghilan » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:59 pm

Can i have the full report and ppt please. My email (
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