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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:44 am
by Prasanth
In the world of computing, security is of paramount importance. Security is inevitable in many fields of computing like networks, internet, intranet, e-commerce etc. But unfortunately today’s technology has failed to provide required security to a satiable extent. This paper proposes the idea of implementing a high fidelity security system using the concept of corporal pheromones which are distinct/unique to an individual. Basically pheromones are the undetectable chemical signals that are produced by an individual. This attribute of the pheromones is used as an analyte for identification in any security system. Biosensors are used to analyze them. Biosensors are that class of analytical device which are capable of providing either qualitative or quantitative results.

Security systems refer to authentication of an authorized user in a system. This is very necessary to maintain privacy and to establish identity of an individual or an organization. Some of the domains of security are computer networks, internet, intranet, in automated systems, e-commerce etc. Most of the automated fields make use of networking. Networked computers are much more susceptible to security attacks as leakage of information from any node would disable the whole security arena.
Presently the biometric techniques are implanted in the security systems. Biometrics is a technique of gauging biological components/factors using electronics. Some of the techniques used are fingerprint verification, hand geometry, identification through a password, voice dynamics etc.

But these systems are prone to flaws and are unreliable. These can be easily forged, for instance, an imposter can easily enter the system without knowing the password. So this sort of incredibility motivates one to think of a more and more reliable systems. The system proposed in this paper makes an attempt to overcome this sort of infidelity. This makes use of the pheromonal signals of our body as the identifying factor. Biosensors are used as the analyzer for this pheromonal analyte. This paper comprises of four sections. First is the introduction in which a brief introduction is given about our paper. Second is current-art-of-state in which we deal with the present security systems and their drawbacks. Third section is a one in which we introduce a new technique in security system which overcomes the flaws of the existing systems. Lastly, we conclude with a conclusion of the whole paper.