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Metrovis Seminar Report

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:03 am
by Prasanth

Metrovis is an extensible graph drawing package with Silverlight technology. This package is a web base tool to present the octilinear layout of a graph. It provides an application programming interface (API) on top of which Web-based applications that need to visualize any entities in terms of graphs. This layout has got many application such as representation of thesis map, designing the web pages. Metrovis, could be enhanced in any platform, and it’s compatible by any algorithm. To illustrate its application, it has been performed with the real metro maps.


In many domains, information can be organized and visualized in term of graphs. There are waste range of graph layout, which has their application. Octilinear layout is a layout which all of edges are vertical, horizontal or 45°. This kind of layout is known as metro map layout. Metro map is a kind of diagram that is easy to use. Metro map layout could be used as a metaphor for displaying any entities. The metro map metaphor is a good way to visualize abstract information. The metro map metaphor is a powerful metaphor for presentation, visualization of information and a good metaphor for human understanding. It is familiar to most people and easy to understand. The metro map metaphor has been proposed as showing the structure of thesis or academic courses or for showing tours on the World Wide Web.

It can visualize theproject plans. It provides a general view, which is useful for structuring a very large amount of web sites. Using the metro map metaphor provides an overview over a set of web documents. The main idea is to consider each major subject in the web information as a route in the metro map. Metro map metaphor can created an overview of a large complex of related guided tour modules. All of metro maps in stations are drawn manually. It’s the drawer who decide where put the nodes and how draw the lines. There’s no automatic method to produce this kind of layout. Metrovis is a tool to convert any kind of diagram to metro map layout automatically. With the increasing importance of Web-based, and the advantage of distributed computing, a web based tool for remote drawing it seemed a good idea.

A web based tool for automatic metro map representation, is presented. This application uses a new algorithm which is based on trigonometric relationships, with is compatible with the any kind of algorithm. It means that our application could be run by another algorithm too. The new method that has been applied in this application, is a simple and fast method which can produce a nice metro map. In comparison with other methods, it produce a satisfactoryresults. The advantages of Silverlight, has motivated us to use and exploit the features it provides, such as portability, graphical user interface and distributed computing features. Therefore, our tool has built on Silverlight technology that can be executed over the WWW via any web browser (as a plugin oriented technology); this provides the distribution of the application and enhances its availability.


The tool implementation is based on trigonometric relationships that was introduced and first used in initial study. Any other algorithm could be enhanced in this application.There are two method for entering data, graphical interface and data sheet. In graphical interface, the nodes and the edges are drawn by user. After entering a new node, it is possible to add the description and define a name for a node. In the left side, there are a tool box to customize according to the graph. It is possible to open a graph or a map, for the large graphs it facilitates. In data sheet, the information about each node is added by defining the coordinate of each node, and its adjacent is determined in a table. After entering an initial graph, the algorithm could be executed