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Concepts of Shotcrete Technology

PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:59 am
by Prasanth
Shotcrete is the sprayed concrete, which was first used in Pennsylvania, USA in 1907 by Dr.Aneley. The technology is improving giving us enhanced comforts and the task is completed with a greater economy in terms of both time and investment. This innovative technology of shotcrete was introduced to make the work easier and immediate where any alterations are to be made or any architectural effects are to be enhanced.


Shortcreting has proved to be the best method for construction of curved surfaces. Domes are now much easier to construct with the advent of shotcrete technology. Tunnel linings are also becoming easy with this technology. Not only are these but there a wide range of applications where this technology has been a leading one. This technical paper includes the concept of shotcrete and how it differs from conventional concrete. It also enumerates the different types of process involved in shotcreting i.e. dry mix process and wet mix process. Advantages of shotcrete and its applications in various fields like tunneling, canals, buildings etc. are specified in detail. This paper presents an overview of shotcreteing technology along with its applications.


Shotcrete is a mortar or high performance concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a backing surface. It is the force of this spraying action that leads to compaction of the concrete or mortar which then forms layers of concrete to the required thickness. Shotcreting has been an acceptable way of placing cementitious material in a variety of applications. Usually patented polypropylene fibers are included in the shotcrete which increases the cohesive nature of the shotcrete through mechanically binding the cementitious materials together.

This mechanism reduces the rebound waste that occurs through the shotcreting process and these fibers also resist plastic shrinkage and cracking through their ability to enhance the early stage tensile strength of concrete. Shotcrete also gives better surface finishes and reduces surface tearing on nonlinear sections. Cementitious material containing the poly propylene fibers resist cycles of freezing and thawing and also reduces the chances of water and chemical penetrations.