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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Communication Protocol

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:59 am
by Prasanth
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wireless Communication Protocol for Collision Warning

Accidents have been taking thousands of lives each year

Study shows - “About 60% roadway collisions could be avoided if the operator of the vehicle was provided warning at least one-half second prior to a collision”
(- US. Patent No. 5,613,039)

Constraints of human drivers’ perception
Line-of-sight limitation of brake light
Large processing/forwarding delay for emergency events.

Application Levels

Traffic Safety can be improved if drivers have the ability to see further down the road.

If traffic information was provided to Drivers, Police and other Authorities; roads would be safe and traveling on them would be more efficient

Vehicle-to-Vehicle(V2V) and Vehicle-to-Roadside(V2R) Communication can bring out the following achievements.

Presence of obstacles on road.
Emergency Braking of a preceding vehicle.
Information about Blind Crossing, School proximity, Railway crossing etc…
Entries to Highways.
High Speed Internet Access.
Electronic Toll Collection.
Parking Space locater in Cities.
Nearest Petrol Pump, Workshop etc..

Protocol for Vehicular Comm.

Challenges and Requirements
Unreliable wireless link
Congested channel
Versatile topology due to high mobility of vehicles
Low Latency
Dynamically form wireless loops


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