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Cognitive Radio for Aeronautical Air Ground Communication

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:17 pm
by Prasanth
Just imagine if your cellular telephone, personal digital assistant (PDA), laptop, automobile, and television were as smart they would know your daily routine as well as you do. They would have things ready for you as soon as you ask, almost in anticipation of your needs. They would help you find people, things, and opportunities; translate languages; and complete tasks on time. Similarly, if a radio were smart, it could learn services available in locally accessible wireless computer networks, and could interact with those networks in their preferred protocols, so you would have no confusion in finding the right wireless network for a video download or a printout. Additionally, it could use the frequencies and choose waveforms that minimize and avoid interference with existing radio communication systems. It might be like having a friend in everything that’s important to your daily life, or like you were a movie director with hundreds of specialists running around to help you with each task, or like you were an executive with a hundred assistants to find documents, summarize them into reports, and then synopsize the reports into an integrated picture. A cognitive radio (CR) is the convergence of the many pagers, PDAs, cell phones, and array of other single-purpose gadgets we use today. They will cometogether over the next decade to surprise us with services previously available to onlya small select group of people, all made easier by wireless connectivity and the Internet.

It is not essential, but there is broad agreement that it is most efficient, to build CR capabilities on top of an SDR radio platform. While the DSPs and FPGAs are used to implement the physical layer signal processing, additional reasoning software can be added to the GPP processor. These new functions are essentially additional user applications, but not necessarily visible to the user.

The SDR Forum and the IEEE recently approved this definition of a cognitive radio:

a) Radio in which communications systems are aware of their environment and internal state, and can make decisions about their radio operating behavior based on that information and predefined objectives. The environmental information may or may not include location information related to communication systems.

(b) Cognitive radio (as defined in a) that uses SDR, adaptive radio, and other technologies to automatically adjust its behavior or operations to achieve desired objectives.

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