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Postby ferns » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:00 pm

I am giving a seminar on ‘SMART HOME ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM USING IEEE 802.15.4 AND ZIGBEE’ .Please can you mail me the report and slides of this topic. I shall wait for your reply.

Thank you
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Postby Prasanth » Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:55 pm

Climate change is one the driving force behind a new wave of energy management systems. Most of the currently available energy management systems in domestic environment are concerned with real-time energy consumption monitoring, and display of statistical and real time data of energy consumption. Although these systems play a crucial role in providing a detailed picture of energy consumption in home environment and contribute towards influencing the energy consumption behavior of household, but they all leave it to households to take appropriate measures to reduce their energy consumption. Some energy management systems do provide general energy saving tips but they do not consider the household profiles and energy consumption profiles of home appliances. The proposed system attempts to address this issue by taking into account household profiles and energy consumption profiles of electrical appliances. The motivation behind this approach is to provide households effective advice on their energy consumption there by enabling them to take focused and effective actions towards efficient energy use.

Energy consumption monitoring functionality is at the heart of DEHEMS system, it provides essential energy consumption information to be used by different subsystems in DEHEMS. In this section we briefly describe the DEHEMS high level architecture as shown in figure 1. The DEHEMS is based on a sensors network of energy consumption measuring sensors. Zigbee protocol is used for networking and data exchange in DEMEMS system. The network has ability to seamlessly integrate other Zigbee compliant sensors into the system as required.

The sensors collect energy consumption data of electrical appliances every three minute and send the data to the local data collector which in turn forwards the data to the central server. In the next stage of the DEHEMS project gas consumption measuring sensors, occupancy sensors and temperature sensors will be incorporated into system in order to measure gas consumption of space heating, water heating and cooking.

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