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Postby Prasanth » Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:56 am

Brayton cycle cryocooler is recuperative cycle (steady DC flow)

• Relies on efficient recuperative heat exchangers, compressor, and expander to derive thermodynamic efficiency

• Broad cooling applications ranging from of superconducting elements, IR sensors, and optical systems to long-term on-orbit storage of cryogens for propellant systems and inter-planetary missions

• TAI Brayton cycle cryocooler development incorporates new component technologies to attain high efficiency – Oil-free floating scroll compressor– Reciprocating mesoscale expander using electrostatics –

Compact high effectiveness heat exchangers

• Expander and valves fabricated using standard semiconductor processes

• Key components entering proof-of-concept demonstration

TAI’s unique approach to Brayton cycle cryocoolers provides benefits that are not present in current state-of-the art cryocoolers

• Modular approach provides system flexibility for a variety of existing cooling applications including IR sensors and optics, superconducting elements, and long-term cryogen storage on orbit

• Prototype component fabrication in nearing completion; test plans in place for demonstration testing
– Expander demonstration is critical milestone to validate cryocooler technology and device fabrication approach
– Second generation component designs reflect incremental scale reduction

• Low cost will be realized through selective application of proven batch fabrication processes

• Pursuing early manufacturing and reliability effort to accelerate technology development into production phase
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