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List of Chemical Engineering Seminar Topics

Access the latest Chemical Engg Seminar Topics, Reports and PPT

List of Chemical Engineering Seminar Topics

Postby Prasanth » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:50 pm

1. Polymer Hydrogels: Unique material for bio separations , biosensing and drug delivery
2. Image-based Sensors for Control of Particulate Processes
3. Harmonic Analysis - A New Tool for Troubleshooting Plant-Wide Disturbances
4. Structure and Properties of conical carbon Nanofibres
5. "Plasma polymerized hydrogel thin films for applications in sensors and actuators."
6. 'Modelling and systems investigations of mRNA translation and directed cell migration '
7. "New Electrical Mobility Techniques for Nano-aerosol Measurements."
8. Micro & Macro in the Dynamics of Polymer Solutions
9. 'A Practical Model for Enterprise Innovation'
10. 'Titanium Metal - An Overview'
11. 'Development of Polyvinyl alcohol based membranes for fuel cell applications.'
12. 'Study of the combustion behaviour of Indian coals in oxy-fuel environment.'
13. 'Particle Size and Shape Measurement using Digital Holography.'
14. 'Experimental and theoretical investigation of Oxy-fuel combustion and CO2 sequestration.'
15. 'Gas Storage and Separation in Metal-Organic Frameworks'.
16. 'Visualization of Convective Heat Flow and Thermal Mixing in Square Cavities with Distributed Heat Sources.'
17. 'The innovation opportunity for the Indian Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Biotech business.'
18. 'Studies on photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol in immobilized rotating tube photoreactor (IRTPR)'.
19. "Ultrafine aerosols studies: Measurements in ambient Chennai and rural TN homes.".
20. Polysilicon Production: Reaction Engineering and Scaleup Issues
21. Cross-over and Performance Modelling of Liquid-Feed Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells (DEFCs)
22. Strategies to Improve the Ignition Quality of Fuels
23. Issues in the Scaling of exothermic reactions: From micro scale to macro scale and experimental studies on liquid-liquid extraction in micro reactors.
24. Studies on Continuous Counter Current Liquid Solid Fluidized bed Adsrober.
25. Studies on the Bilayer Gel to Liquid Crystalline Transition: Influence of Polymer Grafting and Composition.
26. Linear stability analysis and numerical simulation of miscible channel flow.
27. Current Status of the Commercial and Technological Aspects of Photovoltaic based Solar electricity Generation: A Review .
28. Air Quality monitoring and Source Apportionment
29. Molecularly Engineered Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane
30. Building Safety Attitude
31. 'Quantum chemical' Engineering
32. Effect of hydrodynamic and heat transfer on lethality of sterilization in aseptic food processing "
33. "Effect of Ultrasound on Solid Dissolution"
34. "Experimental Study of Sodium Combustion in a Shallow pool"
35. "Millisecond-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Proteins"
36. "Performance Limitations of Flat-Histogram Methods"
37. "Corrosion Protection by Conducting Polymers"
38. "Electrochemical characterization of Cu dissolution CMP slurries"
39. "Beneficiation of High-Ash Indian Coal using Power Ultrasound"
40. "Modeling the growth and lysis of clots in flowing blood"
41. "Experimental and Numerical investigation of gas-liquid flow in two phase systems"
42. "Studies on applications of flow induced by high-intensity, high-frequency acoustic fields "
43. The Sequential Framework for Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis
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Re: List of Chemical Engineering Seminar Topics

Postby abchavan410 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:54 pm

1. Air quality monitoring and source apportionment
2. Circulating fludised bed gasifier
3. Modeling of drying food
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